The Inescapable Prison Take One

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Have you ever wanted to put someone, or something in an unbreakable safe/prison? well, you can look at me, how I am in seemingly harmless air, yet there is an invisible block in front of me. HELP! I'M IN SURVIVAL MODE AND CANT BREAK THIS, this, this air!! Enjoy how to make an inescapable prison

Step 1: The Command for the Block of Power

Here is the command you need to use to get a barrier, which, if you don't have the barrier in your hand, you can't see. Use /give (username) barrier (amount you need) careful, because if you are in survival mode and you accidentally get trapped inside, there's no getting out.

Step 2: Build

Just build however it suits you. I know you can see it, but thats because I have the barrier in my hand.

Step 3: Or, the Easy Way

You can also use the /fill command to build bigger. Just use /fill (x1) (y1) (z1) (x2) (y2) (z2) barrier to make big walls.

I will make an instructable about another inescapable prison. Thanks for reading! :D



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