The Instructables Mini Wallet




Introduction: The Instructables Mini Wallet

BEHOLD!  Robot can do much more than look after Instructables - he can look after your money (credit cards, gift cards, and old student ID)!

To sew:
  1. Using a zipper foot on your sewing machine and leaving a long tail of thread, straight stitch along the sides and bottom pivoting at each corner.  Do not back stitch and do not stitch across the top.  Leave another long tail of thread at the end of the stitching.
  2. Use a needle to pull each of the tails through its patch layer to the inside of the wallet.
  3. Knot the tails on the inside of the wallet to secure the stitch.

BAM!  2 minutes!



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    really fun idea.

    DANG. i only have one patch! i knew i should have grabbed more when i was at Maker Faire. this is a great build. i will just have to live with a 1-patch wallet i guess.