The Inverted Fishtale Rainbow Loom




The Rainbow loom has become very popular among kids, teens, and young adults. This is a tutorial on how to make your very own Inverted Fishtale bracelet.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

In order to make the bracelet you will need a few supplies. First thing you will need is a loom. I have also been told that you can do it on two fingers or even pencils. Next you will need a hook and some rubber bands. Depending on the size of your wrist the amount of rubber bands you will need can vary. Lastly, you will need a C clip.

Step 2: First Band

The first band you place on the two pegs should be twisted once like an infinity sign.

Step 3: Second and Third Band

The next two bands should be normal with no twists.

Step 4: Starting the Bracelet

Next you will loop the bottom band over the top two bands.

Step 5:

Add another band and bring the bottom band over the top two. Repeat this step one more time. Remember to always have three bands on the peg before you loop them. After this you should have made 3 loops.

Step 6: Starting the Inverted Fishtale

Next we will start the inverted part. Until you get to the last three bands we will be making this loop. First you will pull out the middle band with your hook. After you pull the band out a little bit, you will grab the bottom band and pull it through. Loop that band over the top. Do that with both sides.

Step 7: Continue

Continue to do the last step until the bracelet is long enough. Once again, pull out the middle band far enough to reach through it and grab the bottom band. Loop that band over the top of the other bands.

Step 8: Final 3 Loops

In the final three steps we are going to go back to the old looping procedure. Bring the bottom loop over the top of the other bands. After you do it once you will have 2 bands left on the pegs. DO NOT ADD ANOTHER BAND. Simply bring the second band over the first and your bracelet is almost done.

Step 9: Finishing Up

Lastly, put your hook through the last band and pull it off the loom. Place the bands on the C clip and connect the two ends. Finally, your bracelet is complete. This is just the beginning because there is so much more you can make with your loom. Be creative and have fun.



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    5 years ago

    sieht doch schon mal nicht schlecht aus, oder? :-)


    Don't be rude! Knockoffs can work too! The author didn't lie and just because he/she has a different loom doesn't mean that the bracelet can be made. This comment is neither positive nor constructive.

    I didn't lie. It's a rainbow loom design and it can be made on the rainbow loom I just used the Fun Loom.

    Nice Instructable! One tip, if you change the title to be more descriptive. e.g. Inverted Fishtale Rainbow Loom, you'll get more views. That said, your pictures are great, and the how-to is well-written. Keep it up!

    By the way, welcome to Instructables! I hope it pleases you to know you've earned your second follower. :)


    5 years ago

    Comment here if you would like me to do another bracelet tutorial.