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You meet someone in the street, at a restaurant, they think you are a talented person and is interested in hiring you, "send me your resume" -- I don't have to, here is my card, my resume is attached on the back.

Pretty powerful way of making an impression?

Also memory fades, a day or two later, the person may have forgotten the conversation, or was going to hand this off to an assistant, but there are 10 business cards in their wallet / purse, which one was yours again..

I can't remember your name.... WAIT you had a thumb drive on the back of your card!, Smart!


Step 1: Data

I go to a lot of trade shows and they give you thumb drives with information about their product,

or you can buy them online, these tiny 2GB usb drives - that are like 1/16th inch tall.

and there are $5.00 for a 2GB usb drive.

Step 2: Who Am I Anyway?

The thumb drive should be formatted for PC -- (Mac's can read PC formatted thumb drives, PCs cannot read mac formatted thumb drives) Include, a professional photo in .JPG format, a WORD document with your resume, a .PDF with your resume. All of that will fit in a small drive.. you don't have to go crazy and buy a big usb drive.. 1 meg, 2 meg is FINE.

Scotch tape the thumb drive to the back of your business card, with the shiny data side facing the card.

keep them in a separate part of your wallet / purse.



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