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Introduction: The Jagged Ladder Paracord Bracelet

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Holding about 18 feet of paracord, The Jagged Ladder holds a lot of cord yet is still stylish. This is a harder weave than the cobra, but is still pretty easy to do. You never know when you may become stranded in the woods and need 18 feet of rope. I have entered this instructable into several contests, if you like it, please vote for me thank you!

You will need 3 - 6 foot lengths of paracord (two of the same color and one different) , a pair of scissors, and a lighter.

Step 1: Preparing for the Weave

Take your two pieces that are the same color and line them up. Wrap the cord around your wrist loosely and add about three inches. The length that you measured is where you will start the knot. Follow the pictures to make the knot.

Step 2: Adding the Third Piece

Take your third piece and put it through, as in the pictures, until you get to the center point of the cord. Tighten down the knot.

Step 3: Pull the Loop and Start the Weave

Pull a loop from the third cord. Follow the pictures for the weave and just keep repeating, make sure to tighten down each knot real tight.

Step 4: Keep It Up

Repeat the knot until you reach desired length. Snip off the excess. Burn the snipped ends to keep from fraying.

Step 5: The Double Overhand Knot

Tie a double overhand knot so that the bracelet will fit around your wrist. Snip off the excess. Singe the ends. You have now finished making The Jagged Ladder Paracord Bracelet.

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