The Joker Makeup Tutorial

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1. First you are going to want to primer your skin so the makeup lasts all day or night.

2. Then apply a white paint all over your face making sure to apply this to your ears and neck.

3. Then with a black eyeliner pencil you are going to want to map out the shape around your eyes you are going to want to colour in.

4. Then with a black eye shadow you are going to want to fill the space in and then make sure the edges are very blended. This doesn't need to be neat. Messier the better.

5. Then you are going to want to draw random lines out of this shape and also blend them out so they arent so harsh.

6. Then with a red lipstick you are going to want to draw the smile and fill this in.

7. Then with an eyeliner you are going to want to frown and smile and where ever you have a natural line you are going to want to apply the liner. This will help give it a bring the lines and and finish off the look. I also rubbed the lines with my finger to soften the lines.

8. Then apply a black line from either side of the mouth to create a smile.

9. I then put a green wig of and this really finished of the look.

I hope yous have a great halloween and enjoy my look.

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