The Joker's Killer Joy Buzzer

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          Ever since childhood, almost every american male has been a fan of the Batman. But you can't have the hero without the villians, right? So DC comics created fun characters such as the penguin, catwoman, bane, and of course the joker. The joker was always my favorite (and still is) so i decided to re-create his killer joy buzzer with a more "Friendly" voltage. My 9v buzzer consists of nothing more than spare parts and some cheap stuff from radioshack, so it was a relatively cheap project to make.
         What i did to create my buzzer was wire a couple of 9v batterys to an electrolyctic capacitor and a momentary push-button switch (so i could charge the capacitor manually) and then had a couple feet of speaker cable that went from both of the leads in my capacitor to the old joy buzzer for the discharge. i then cut a small hole in my white glove for the wires to go through and attach to the old buzzer. my buzzer gives off a very friendly shock, and then if a discharge on metal i get a small spark. 



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