The Juggernaut

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Hello there,

This gun is the result of me wanting to just build something for fun, while waiting for the new contest to start.
I'll make something else for that, but for now, here is the Juggernaut.
The name comes from Periphery's new albums, Juggernaut Alpha & Omega. I liked the albums and the word, so I picked that as its name.
More info in the next steps.

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Step 1: Overview of the Gun

The Juggernaut is based on an assault rifle / battle rifle platform, chambered in 7.62mm.
It doesn't shoot, because it took a lot of my pieces to build it, especially yellow connectors, and I don't have any decent rubberbands left.
It is about 82 centimeters long, features removable magazines, and a rail like thing on top for different sets of sights.
The handle is very comfortable, and five layers thick. The stock has a textured end, so it doesn't slip off of your shoulders.

Step 2: The Sights

As mentioned in the previous step, this gun can use multiple sets of sights.
I currently use Rec0n's scope and a set of folding iron sights.
The rear sight is mostly the same as on my old Peacekeeper. It uses the same flip up mechanism.
The front sight uses a hinge with a bit of tape where the two parts connect. This makes it a bit more stiff, and thus useful for folding sights.
The scope is the same as on Rec0n's Barrett replicas.

Step 3: Other Features

Removable magazines, based on a standard 7.62mm box magazine.
Ambidextrous charging handle.

Step 4: An Older Version

This was the first version of the Juggernaut.
This version has different iron sights and slightly different internals.
The internals above the trigger have been changed. They used to be held in place with two female ball joints that were clicked on a green rod. Now it has two red connectors attached to eachother, holding the rest in place by a green rod in their holes.
The iron sights used to be very large, "fin" sights. Both have been replaced by folding ones.

Tell me what you think about the gun in the comments!

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    4 years ago

    Ich Aprove of zhiz gewher jah

    the knex gun boy

    4 years ago

    Beste dr richtofen
    Ik heb vaker een comment gestuurd pas geleden nog
    Ik wist niet eens dat jij Nederlands was
    Nogmaals complimenten over je gave bouwwerken
    The knex gun boy

    the knex gun boy

    4 years ago

    Best dr richtofen You are the best knex gunmaker That i ever know. Your guns are the nicest of all the guns. The jugganout is my favorite The knex gun boy #

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    I don't have enough Knex for stuff like this so I just keep making pistols :(.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Long time no see doc! =D

    Cool gun btw. I guess I'll see you around for the contest, eh? It's about to start and I have 2 instructables (non-gun) planned already.

    Let's see what you come up with this year!!

    1 reply

    Yeah, I do have something planned for the contest, but I'm not sure if I'll have it finished in time. I haven't started yet, 'cause I somehow managed to pump 14 hours of gaming in the past two and a half days :/