The (Juice Carton) Air Cooler! - Homemade AC Air Cooler! - Simple DIY - Can Be Solar Powered!

Introduction: The (Juice Carton) Air Cooler! - Homemade AC Air Cooler! - Simple DIY - Can Be Solar Powered!

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The "Juice Carton" Air Cooler! - Homemade AC Air Cooler! - Simple DIY - can be solar powered!

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Step 1: Watch the Instructional Video...

note: "the build" directions in video start at about the 2:45 second mark

Step 2: Read the Description...

Homemade AC Air Cooler. This desktop sized unit works very well and couldn't be simpler to make. made using a "half gallon" (specifically 59oz./1.75L) juice carton, 80mm DC fan (blue-lit), 1.5" PVC pipe coupler and a 3/8" square wooden dowel. just assemble and add ice. *holds about 2 ice-cube trays worth of ice at a time (and it has a built-in drain! so as ice melts you can drain the ice-water into a glass for a cold drink). only took me 10 minutes to make it. cost about $8.50. can be run using a 12v solar panel (2.4 watt or higher), a 12v battery or wall current (just use an ac to dc transformer that puts out 12vdc).

Step 3: First: Gather the Items, What You'll Need...

1.) a half-gallon jug. the one i used is specifically 59oz./1.75L

2.) one 3/8" square dowel (usually sold in 3 or 4 foot lengths... cost only 98 cents)

3.) 80mm computer case fan (i used blue, but choose your color or unlit)

4.) one 1.5" PVC pipe coupler

5.) glue

6.) ice cubes

7.) solar panel to power it (but that is optional)

Step 4: The Build...

first, lay the jug on it's side and place the fan near the back end. then measure and cut four sections of the 3/8" square dowel (i cut two of them about the length of the fan and 2 smaller ones for the sides (see pics above). and glue them onto the jug. *this allows for the fan to be easily removed - so you can add good size pieces of ice and also allows for you to change out the fan very easily (demonstrated in video)

Step 5: Next, Add the Vent

put the PVC up to the container and mark a circle where you want it to go. then just cut the circle out and screw in the PVC. make sure not to cut the circle to big.

Step 6: That's It...

now when your ready to use it, just remove the fan and add ice cubes or small blocks. drop the fan on and hook up the power. i'm a bit of a solar power enthusiast (some would say nut) so i just hook it to a solar panel (but a battery can be used) or wall current if you have a ac/dc transformer. pictures of the solar panel and well as temp. reaadings are shown above. the 13 degree temp reading is the temp of the ice

Step 7: Have Fun Building and Using It!

Step 8: Here's a Bunch of Extra Pics...

try multi-color fans!

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    2 years ago

    So your cooling is by passing air over ice.


    Reply 2 years ago

    yep :) - about as simple as it gets