The Junkclaw: a Junkclaw Made Out of Junk to Collect Junk.



Introduction: The Junkclaw: a Junkclaw Made Out of Junk to Collect Junk.

About: I am an arts and crafts teacher in a secondary school in the Netherlands. ( I love making things. Especially out of nothing, worthless materials, garbage and cheap stuff. Besides that I...
Edit: The Instructable isn't completely ready yet, but the tagging in the pictures is freaking out. It is an hour before the death-line of the green contest, which I think this Instructable will fit perfectly. So I will publish it now, enter the contest and edit it tomorrow, when I hope the tagging is fixed)

In the early spring in March, I started a Blog about how I try to keep my environment clean. In two weeks time, every time I walked the dog I took with me a garbage bag and collected the junk I found. And that was a lot! One day I even came back with two bags full of junk! However I only made two posts on my blog about my adventures (to busy with building stuff with the junk...) I got nice comments. One person was concerned about my health and advised me to pick up the stuff with a garbage gripper. So than came the idea instead of buying one (however dirt cheap, notch-notch, catch my drift ey?) to just made one from the junk I found. So here is the Instrucable how I did that.

My blog you'll find here , but it is in Dutch: might start a post about this Ible..)

And here is a video with the Junkclaw:

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Step 1: The Junk You'll Need.

What you will need (can be found on the street).
  • A tube. I found a metal one, but a sturdy plastic one will work to i guess
  • Two bottles; One plastic round soda bottle (PET) and a flat bottle, like a dish wash soap-bottle.
  • A inner bicycle tube. As my followers might know, one of my favorite materials.
  • A plastic string, in a loop. I found this one that is used for packing newspapers together.
  • Metal wire (I did not found that one but you might?)
  • Duct tape, off course, who can do with out?
The tools I used:
  • Scissors
  • pliers
  • Cordless drill
  • Sharp knive

Step 2: Cut the Crap

After cleaning the bottle it is time to cut it up.
Take a look at the pictures and I think you will figure out how.

Step 3: Get Your Claws on the Claw Pt 1

Step 4: Get Your Claws on the Claw Pt 2

Step 5: Prepair the Movement

Step 6: How to Handle the Handle

Step 7: The House of the Claw

Step 8: Puting It All Together

Step 9: Get a Grip on the Claw

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