The K-1: Fully/Semi Auto K'nex Concept Gun




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Over the next few months I am going to be introducing a series new and unused concepts in hopes that the community can perhaps see something that they can use in these guns, even if it merely be the hammer I used in this gun.  There are hundreds of you out there and so there are hundreds of different ways of looking at this gun, and thus hundreds of possibilities for it.  So this will be the first of a series of concept guns that I will be introducing: The K-1.

The K-1

A few months ago Oblivitus introduces the idea of a removable power source and I thought it had huge potential.  The one I use in this gun fits in very similarly to the way that the magazine fits into my KLS v.2.  The gun itself utilizes a hammer to fire rounds out of an 8-shot turret.  Its range is minimal and the gun is rather poorly put together, but the important part is the power source.  I just find that people get more excited about things if they can see them put to use. 

One thing leads to another:

Although the K-1 is pretty impractical, I see some things going for the components of this gun.  Although the power source could only get three shots off max, I noticed that while I was turning the gears to get the rest of the shots off, the "battery" still had some juice in it.  I am going to use this experience to try to make an "assisted" semi auto, where a mechanical energy source will be used to assist the finger in transferring power to a firing system.

Let me know if you have any ideas for these concepts and before you decide to post ANOTHER mag-fed, pin-fire gun, think about how many are already out there and ask yourself "what can I do to stand out?"


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    Hi I'm sorry to bother you but please could you post the power pack I really want to build it even if it doesn't work and I don't get it from the drawing oblivitus did


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi guys i have a similar idea. The other day i was building a psuedo gun and it shot 70 feet. the reason why i was so succesful was becuase of the excapement system that i built. now if we can put the rubber bads and the thing that holds the rubber bands in a mag. if we put a mag in that mag( built into it) then all we have to do is create an escapment mech that allows the mag to go into it and pull the pin in the mag we should be able to just fire it with out any extra force when we pull the trigger. im going to start as soon as i get nore pieces. tell me what u guys think.


    Lol, Ik was gewoon random bezig :p Hey, ben jij misschien aan iets nieuws aan't werken? Lang niks meer van jou gezien...