The K'nexecutioner 2.11 - "Cyclone"




The long-awaited sequel to the original extra-heavy K'nex machine gun, Cyclone wipes the floor with its predecessor in every category - power, range, portability, versatility.

Designed to be the most powerful* K'nex fully-auto machine gun yet. Really - every single round of Cyclone's belt carries some decent strengh for a K'nex gun.

- If you have enough pieces, build two! It's one-handed.

- Unlike its picky predecessor, Cyclone has an open front and can use any size of rod for ammo. This includes flighted 'sniper' rounds.

Version History (updated):
2.0 - "Cyclone" first created but kept classified. Based off of the likewise-named weapon from Perfect Dark, it was powerful and fast-firing, but pitiful that only 17 of 19 barrels were usable.
2.1 - Extensive restructuring was necessary to make it fire from the top where barrels are further apart, instead of the side. This new layout is more compact.
2.11 - Significant improvement made to ammunition belt allowing for variable ammo sizes.

** Before you build: Know that not all K'nex motors are made equal. Some K'nex motors (at least a few of mine that I know for sure) are incapable of being used on the Cyclone because they too easily start clicking under too much load. Proceed if you are confident you have a good motor. Just a fair warning. **

*Hardest hitting, not fastest rpm.

Step 1: The Ammunition Belt

If you haven't the parts for the ammo belt, there'd be no point in continuing past this step, so let's get the tedious, hard, annoying, etc. part done first.

Find an efficient method for building them, else you'll be spending a lot of time on this step. (okay, it will take a long time regardless)

This step alone requires:
209 dark-grey connectors
209 blue spacers
57 grey spacers (each counts as 3 blue spacers)
57 black chain-links
57 red and light-grey connectors
.. among other things.

Use 2x type 64 rubber bands only! Too much power may result in broken K'nex pieces.

For simplicity's sake when attaching and removing the ammo belt, make sure that every black chain link is facing down.

Cyclone requires a specific number of barrels, unlike other open-belt machine guns. 19, to be exact. Get to it!

Step 2: Select Your Motor

Choices! This instructable branches apart two ways then comes back together, depending on which type of K'nex motor you have available. The two motors are attached differently.

Be sure that your motor is a strong one, else all this time may have been tragically wasted on a gun that refuses to turn.

If you have a classic-style clear/red (three hole) motor, proceed to step 3 and skip 4. Try to use a motor that doesn't click too easily under heavy load.

If you have a new-style bright-green Cyber Ultra motor (side-peg), you may skip step 3 and begin building 4 instead. This motor is highly reccomended for optimum performance.

Step 3: Front Section - Classic Motor

The front section is built in layers, from the front onto the back. The pictures show the layers being added on sequentially.

Step 4: Front End - Side-Peg Motor

This is the front end if you are using the side-peg style motors, which I do highly reccomend for power and RPM. It is built in sections from the front and moving back. Refer to the comments on the pictures.

If you have completed Step 3, skip this and move onto Step 5.

Step 5: Middle Section - Trigger Flipper

This section is COMPLEX for a REASON - it has to be very sturdy.

Section by section, it is to be assembled together. I'm trying my hardest with pictures, and be sure to look into the comments left on each one.

Step 6: Rear Section - Handle and Elbow Rest

This section is refreshingly easy. Assemble.

Step 7: Assemble All Sections Into Cyclone

All sections should fit together nicely -- it should be apparent where they go. Double-check all connections to be sure there is nothing loose.

The belt is tricky to put on but not nearly as bad as the K'nexecutioner. Just keep sure that the gear chains are properly in the gears when attempting.

Step 8: Loading the Ammunition

Keep your fingers clear of the firing pin's pathway as you pull each back and set the triggers.

The funky things on the front of each barrel are for holding the rod in place. The white rod rotates so that the side of it tucks into the contour of the ammo. This gently holds it in place and releases when fired.



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    297 Discussions


    Absolutely amazing. A bit heavy though and the chain will only turn if you have a powerful motor but still great.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I know this is an old gun, but here's what I think: It's way too front heavy, and I had a problem with the elbow rest breaking off, it's pretty powerful and has a good range, but I would never, never use it in war.


    15 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Why wouldn't you use it in a k'nex war? If you want to use a machine gun then you would use this one.

    DJ RadioMace!

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    The only reason I wouldnt use this in a knex war is the reload times.

    DJ RadioMace!

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    If it doesnt require me to reload, I would use it. Otherwise, its a disposable gun.

    Perfect DuckDJ Radio

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    It's the opposite way of thinking for me, I see the reloading of machine guns as potential and not a drawback. Scenario: Say you have 19 shots. You fire 5. You have the time to load 2 more shots. You have 16 shots left and fire another 10 (perhaps too many), but an opposing player is outgunned and defeated. You use cover that you've gained to reload, and this time manage to reload 11 barrels, a few at a time. Now you've got 17 shots, etc. You have the ability to spend your idle time building up a very powerful multi-shot attack that you can use and dispense freely, and then once you're safe you're back to building up that potential again. The Cyclone is always ready to fire at moment's notice and you can easily take advantage of safe cover. Cyclone reloading is simple, you pull the pin back, the trigger for that individual pin will automatically set itself, then you reach to the front to slide a rod in, and set the holder and you're good. Reloading all 19 at a time would be cumbersome but doing it one, two at a time in the heat of a battle scenario could be easily pulled off. Hope that dispels a bit of your concern about reloading, but if you still think it takes too long, you're probably right because other K'nex weapons ARE easier to reload, I'll admit. The biggest competition are pump-actions.

    DJ RadioPerfect Duck

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Im going to make a knex gun that has the ROF of the knexsayer, but has the fast reload times of my AR-4 v3. But yeah, your system does sound solid.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Go start a forum or something, don't be a dumb@$$ and ask on a random instructable.

    travwDJ Radio

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Well, actually, I can reload a Knexsayer faster than an AR-4 v3. Which is odd, considering AR-4 v3 holds less rounds than Knexsayer.

    DJ Radiotravw

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    The newest version holds 1 more round than the knexsayer. The modded one has a 9 round hopper, which I think you have not seen....