The King of Pop

Intro: The King of Pop

Have you ever needed a clever costume, but just couldn't think of one? Would you like to impress the other party goers with your wit and charm? Then make this EASY costume, and rule over the other peasants with your fizzy majesty!

All you need are soda cans, spray paint, a burger king crown, dowel, bottle caps, cape or blanket, soda tabs, labels off bottles and glue.

paint your crown and glue bottle caps and beverage (empty of course) to the crown. make a bracelet out of the soda tabs. add jewelry of your choice, a soda t shirt, and hand out Bottle Caps candy to all those dirty little peasants at your party!

Paint your dowel, and glue the bottle labels to it. Cap the end with a bottle cap, and top it off with another can. You're done! Be sure to walk around the party waving regally, and walking around like you own the place!

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    rap god

    3 years ago

    I thought by the title you mean something related to mj