The Kinno-1 Instructions




Introduction: The Kinno-1 Instructions

I like building knex guns. People say u cant create anything great with them. I like to prove to ...

hey guys finally found a couple of days to do this. this is my idea and nobody elses. alot of people say they have the same idea and it is a plain psuedo gun. this is not a plain one, this has a removable powerpack that holds 8 bands and a removable bullet mag.
anyways this is a semi automatic knex rifle/weirdly shaped gun. shoots 60 feet max ( field tested) im not the only one who has this type of gun. me and kinetic were staying in contact and skyping to see which i deas were better. we decided to let me post mine becuase it gets more shots. but his looks ALOT better. my gun takes up less pieces and is more simpler. he helped me quite a bit on this gun so some credit goes to him. go check him out if you dont know him. pros and cons?
60 feet
semi automatic
not big like others
very powerful
and acurate for the most part.
doesnt look that sexy
kind of a block shape
anyways lets build shall we?!
after you are done watch this video

Step 1: The Gun Itself

Step 2: Band Mag

Step 3: Bullet Mag

Step 4: Mag Reciever



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    what is the difference between your Kinno-1 and Kinetics kinno-2?

    which is better?

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    Well his is the more updated version and looks better. But the only difference is that his more complicated and requires alot of pieces. Mine is more basic and still reliable. But we both helped make both of them. We did a collab on this one and then added better things on the second one. So you decide

    Nice. 2 technical things I'd like to point out though: first, embed your video. It takes a second and it will make it much more comfortable for us. Second, such a site existed, it was called knexinnovation, but most of the people stayed in ibles and it was also A LOT less comfortable, even than the renewed ibles. To top it off, the maintenance and server of the site were bad and slow, since it was a bunch of amateur coders, and a simple type of server that wasn't capable of handling traffic well, so eventually the site crashed, and no one seems to fix it. I don't have much time now so I'll tell you anything I have to say about the gun itself later on today.

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    Sorry, I forgot/ didn't have much time either, but I'll let you know tomorrow. About the video, you can still edit the ible you know. Just add it.

    ok wow, sorry for not saying anything for this long, i just never really got around to doing it. anyway, i finally have some free time now. so about the gun:

    i really like the trigger mechanism. before you posted this, when i was building my version off kinetic's, i took a look at your trigger and it was obvious to me that your's is better, but i didn't think i could fit it on kinetic's layout. same goes for your band mag lock. nothing to do with the ible, but i recently tried actually putting your trigger mech and your mag lock on my modded version and it works fantastic ! mine can hold about 12 bands now, and i love the lock mech. so basically, i now have a gun that works similar to your's, but looks much better (it still looks like kinetic's). also, i really don't like that little white rod gap at the back of your band mag, and kinetic's doesn't have that, so i had a bit of trouble getting my mag lock to work, but it was nothing a couple of cut rods and an elongated mag wall couldn't fix. i love my version. it really is just a forgery of kinetic's looks with your mechanism highlights and my personal touch. works like a dream. the best advice i have for you for your future guns is to try and make them look better and smoother. you made an excellent gun, but it looks really bad. btw, i would advise you to practice making good looking guns for my contest, because looks is a figure.

    yes i know. i have never been a good looking gun builder. i just like making things work right. but i would love see some pics of the gun. and i give you permission to post it. haha idk if you needed any but just in case i guess . but all i have been doing lately is building basic guns and working on looks and stuff. i have gotten alot better at that. and i figured out a way for that pump action slingshot. i have it to where it can load the band and im still finishing up the bullet loading mech. works 100% of the time! i think i have finally made a slingshot that could be used in a war! haha well im excited for the contest and hope i do well! thanks

    Made it today - its rather kool. Got it to shoot, but took me a while to actually realise that it shoots using the elastic bands :P

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    Haha thats funny. But do u like it? Does it shoot good for you? Im glad u built it. Thank you!

    Yeah i do - the trigger doesn't always work tho and occasionally it shoots the last shot when i'm not even touching the gun :/. You're welcome :)

    Ok. Mine didnt do that. But i think i can see how tho. I know how to fix it as well. Thanks for letting me know!