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Introduction: The Kinno-1 Explanation

About: I like building knex guns. People say u cant create anything great with them. I like to prove to myself i can create something great. I like psuedo gun types. I also wrestle year round. And no it isnt gay. I...

Hey guys for those of u who didnt know this a semiautomatic gun that uses a powerpack and a bullet mag with a escapment trigger mech to shoot one bullet at a time. this was my idea and nobody elses. alot of people told me that this idea would never work. here it is for u guys to witness that it does! sorry to the people that have been waiting. i have been really busy but here is a temporary update and instructions will be posted soon. alot of good improvements have been made. such as 1 flywheel in the mag and in the gun making for less pieces and taping. pros and cons?
50-60 feet
8 shots
easy build
not complicated
not big
doesnt look that good
cant hold the trigger mid way otherwise bands can spin freely

thats it. im wasnt the only one who worked on this gun. me and kinetic were working on this and we decided to let me finish the gun. he helped me alot with this gun

un. thanks guys! be greatly appreciated if u sub! critism is greatly accepted!
Update: her is instructions for this gun



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    Okay, well then. I see how the gun works and what it does, I just want to see how it all looks from the inside. Also from the previous comment you made, I can be an innovator, I have so many ideas that I'm trying to put in to action, I just don't have the time, plus my ideas fail sometimes. I haven't posted anything that's innovative, but I plan on doing so soon.

    if you didn't know, kinetic posted a slideshow with a few pictures before this, and this gun is just so simple you could easily build it from the pictures they put up there. kinetic's version is more complicated, but i built that too from the pics alone. anyway, i would be glad to hear some of your ideas, give em a shot myself, see if they can be done. and also, a collab really helps for an innovative weapon- innovanna&kinetic me&oblivitus more&tocome... it's easier because you have another second guessing you before you post it, and a second view on everything, as well as a parallel builder to help you for some stuff you find harder.

    Yeah I've seen Kinetic's, and I actually like his design more because it looks cleaner, but maybe I didn't look hard enough at the pictures to see how it's built.

    So do I. I built kinetic's, like I said. When I'm not sure I can build something from a picture (or a few) alone, I just try. The best way to prove you can or cannot build something is to prove it. I don't know at the beginning if I will be able to do it, but I just do my best, some parts I can't see I figure out by logic, and others I just make my own. Don't be afraid to change something if you don't know exactly how it's done. Also, don't worry about it. At the very worst situation you gave it your best shot and failed. I say go for it, don't wait till he posts it, you can do it yourself!

    nice, good thing you posted this. i didn't understand why you made it with 2 cogs in the first place... it seemed... unhelpful. well, anyway i'm glad you changed it. the pp does look better now, but the gun could use some work. i was sad to see that there is no ratchet on the pp. that really kills it. it is extremely simple to put a ratchet on, i think kinetic's ratchet would work with this if you place it in a lower position. the gun is done, you just need to work on how it looks a bit. anyhow, i made kinetic's version for a number of reasons: first, his looks a lot better. second, his has a major flaw in the trigger mech that makes it weaker and that is the fact that there are too many cogs between the thing stopping the band cog and the actual band cog. i thought (and was right) i could very easily fix it. third, his design works better with the concept i want to implement onto it. and finally, because i like the mag release and trigger better on his. anyway, i've modded it a lot, including putting a full ratchet directly on the pp, making it much stronger, and it can now hold 8 bands for sure, maybe even 10.

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    Wow. See i knew this concept could be built upon to something way better. This is just a starting block for u guys. As i said before, im gonna step out of the semi autostage for awhile cuz ive been trying to get this thing going for about a year. So this is really for modding. I learned alot tho and my guns will be better qaulity now. Im off into the slingshot and boltaction stage now. Both in one gun with one pull. Thanks for telling me about yours

    as i said a few times already, i will not be working on that semi auto for now. are you kidding, a year? me and oblivitus have been working on the SA 3252 (the concept in my S3) for about a year now too, but i've been working on it solo a bit before we collabed, and he was also working on it for like 3 years lol, but no, a year is a lot, and i definitely understand. i don't really see a lot of people doing anything new with it, just because of the sheer fact that we are (i really want to be proven wrong about this, but it's a fact for now) 3 pioneers in a sea of newbies. i mean, oblivitus is also a great builder, but i haven't seen him doing anything new in a very long time. hopefully someone less known will prove himself worthy sometime soon, just like you did.

    Well before i started working on this gun i was kinda new to making my own guns. I was off and on. I didnt know all the tricks and tips to knex guns. I learned though as u have seen. I think i can just keep getting better and better. But thanks man i appreciate it. Ive always wanted to be big in the knex community and if i keep doing these types of new things i might just be.

    i know what you mean. we never stop learning. i on occasion learn something i didn't know about knex. the only thing that changes is the pace in which we learn. we all want to be big in the community don't we? i think you have proven yourself more than worthy, at least to me. i mean, my first guns sucked balls compared to your's. it's an impressive gun for an advanced builder, so it being your first is awesome. i really don't like your other gun though... that weird little pistol. about the community, i'm not really sure who's left... i haven't seen any sign of life from thedunkis and kinetic in about a week or two. oblivitus has slowed down a lot too, people like DJ and seleziona also don't seem to be around as much, and as for the newbies, i'm not sure they are aware of our existence... there's also raz1r, but he's not really much of an innovator from i've seen so far, and there's always richtofen, but he is focused mostly on models and stuff. you know? who is this so called "community"? sorry for the pessimistic comment lol, i just feel like there's no one left.

    BTW, I'm not sure if your referring to me as a newbie in that comment you posted to innovanna, but I've been on this sight way long before you. My original name was Knexgeek (dumb name I know), and I've been on this sight for six years now.

    no not at all, i am stating you as one of the good guys, the guys from old times, the guys i appreciate, but then i also said, but then again, you're not much of an innovator, from what i've seen so far, and that's true. you build awesome guns, and i love a lot of your designs, but you don't build on the innovative side, at least from what i've seen, which means at least from what you've posted. i'll be glad to see some innovative stuff from you. don't be offended, i didn't mean it in that way. fyi, i don't care much for the time the person has been on the site, because some people who have been here way before me suck real bad. i care for what you've done, what your opinions are, and how much of a hypocrite you are. you pass in all three lol, that's why i respect you.

    Bro thats why we tell people what expectations are if u want to be big. Maybe then we can have some new ones. And kinetic is on vacation right now so thats why. But ill be here forever. And that little pistol literally was my first knex gun. Haha. But thanks