The Knex R700 Sniper Rifle

Introduction: The Knex R700 Sniper Rifle

About: I am a guy from Holland, and i love knex and lego, for knex, especially guns. BTW thnx to all my 40 subbers, you guys rock =D expect more from me.

Yes! its finally here, my most feared instructable! The R700, i had a barrage of good comments in my slideshow about this gun, and as I said i posted it.
looks good and realistic
shoots far (80 meters = about 240 feet)
quite comfy
nice scope, according to most people in the comments at my slideshow
NO modded pieces
quite long (this is a pros and a con, because it can be hard to hold but it has more firepower)
quite heavy
quite hard to pull the trigger
so powerful you can damage alot of stuff, even people (believe me, i know, i accidentally shot myself with half its power and i was bleeding quite a bit (lucky for me, it was my left hand)
really hard to build

I didn't make a bipod because i suck at makeing those, u can make yourself one if u want

in this instructable its is important to read the text written like this, it will help you.
ok done with pros and cons, on to the pieces list and the build (in which you will lose your fingers) good luck

Step 1: Parts List

for the parts list, it's large:

Dark Gray: 35
Light Gray: 11
Red : 34
Orange: 14
Yellow: 185 (glp...)
Green: 20
White: 45
3D- Blue: 14
Green: 232 (Credo, Latin for i fall dead :D, yes, i follow Latin )
White: 190 (choke!)
Blue: 50
Yellow: 4
Red: 3
Gray: 1
Tan clip: 2
Blue spacer: 6
Silver spacer: 10
Y-Clip: 14
Orange Clip: 4 (rollercoaster clip)
Wheel: 24 (not necessarily)
TOTAL: 964

Step 2: The Stock

The Stock is one of the most sturdy things in my sniper
1. what you are making
2. make, they are all the same, these plates are plate 1 for this step
3. make all of this, there are 2 different sets, these sets are plate 2 for this step
4. collect (11 blue rods)
5. grab a plate 1 and add the blue rods
6. put a plate 2 on
7. add a plate 1
8. add another plate 1
lost your fingers already? if not, prepare for the hard part
9. add a plate 2
10. the most hardest, add the last plate 1
if you still have your fingers good job
anyway, yaay! we are done with step 1!
onto the handle

Step 3: The Handle

Time to make the handle!
1: what we are going to make
2: make and collect, read the notes!
3: put the blue rods in a plate 1
4: put a plate 2 on
5: put a plate 1 on
6: put another plate 1 on
7: put a plate 2 on
8: put the last plate 1 on
9: an other view
10: what you should have now
Yaay, done with the handle

Step 4: The Trigger

a vital part of the gun, the trigger! a long step too
1: what we are making
2: first we will make this part
3: after that, we will make this part
4: make all, and collect, read the image notes about plates 1 - 3
5: put the blue rods in a plate 1
6: put a plate 2 on, and on that a plate 3, as shown
7: close up
8: put the last plate 3 on
9: put a plate 2 on
10: put the last plate 1 on
11: what u should have
12: make and collect
13: slide the orange con on the withe rod in as shown and get an y-clip
14: lock the orange con on white rod in with the y-clip like so
15: put a blue rod in here
16: add these
ok onto part 2 of this step
17: make and collect
18: make this from the parts you got in the last pic
19: make this
20: this is the trigger, make it, next pic is an other angle, read the image notes!
21: an other angle
22: put a blue rod in the orange con, and two blue spacers on the blue rod
23: put all these parts you created together like so and read the notes again!
24: bottom view
25: get ur two parts from this step
26: get these out, read the notes!
27: connect the parts like so, read the notes! crucial!
28: close up of the connection
29: put ur green rods back in
30: what u should have now
Yaay! done with that long and boring step

Step 5: ForeGrip

O.K. it's time to make the foregrip, it's an easy step, if u just look at the pictures and read carefully, you will do fine
1: what we are making
2: make all and collect, simple, read the notes! (important)
3: put the white and blue rod in
4: make it like so (add another plate)
5: add the other plates
6: make this stuff (again, read the notes!)
7: put part 1 on here
8: and part two here
9: done! what u should have now
YAHOO this is getting intresting

Step 6: The Barrel

alright, now onto the most important step of all (I think), the barrel, it's boring i know but he re we go
1: what we are making in total
2: let's make this first
3: make and get all of this and read the notes
4: put the blue rod an a plate one like so
5: put the other plate 1 on the other side of the rod reading the notes is helpfull here
6: fill the space with some green cons
7: put the part 1 in here
8: put an orange con on on the other side like shown
9: make all of this, it's long and boring again read the notes
10: collect all the numbers of the pieces are noted on the pic sorry for the blur
11: put blue rods on a plate 1
12: put a plate 3 and a plate 4 on
13: put some orange cons on like shown
14: and some more like shown
15: and another plate 3 and plate 4
16: and the last plate 2
17: put 6 of the gray cons here like shown
18: and one on the other end of the barrel
19: now make and collect this and keep it with the barrel
20: what u should have
done! finally, this is already looking like a nice and sturdy gun isn't it?

Step 7: Other Parts and the Bolt

an easy part
1: collect
2: what we are making
3: make and collect
4: grab this (put stuff together that u need)
5: slide in
6: put these on
7: and these
8: don't forget the part you didn't use yet!
9: what u should have now
done, simple

Step 8: The Scope (not Required)

ok the scope, it was too hard to take apart, so I took as many pictures as I could to make it as clear as possible
1: what u are making
2: make and collect
3: close up
4: the entire scope without the wheels in the notes are the numbers of pieces you need to build it, so if u want a detailed instuction, read the notes
5: the front
6: different angle of the front
7: the back
8: different angle of the back
9: the half part of the scope
10: the middle
11: different angle
12: the wheels u need (3 smal ones is 1 big one)
13: see? (explenation above)
14: see it now?
15: scope plus wheels and turning thingy
16: plus the holder
17: what u should have now
done, I hope u can make the scope right

Step 9: Assembly

well, onto the most long part of this instructable, the assembly
1: what u should have now
2: take these
3: put some of the green and white rods on the stock like shown
4: put the handle on and put some more green rods and white rods in to lock it in place
5: take the trigger
6: take that part
7: remove this for now
8: put the big part on
9: and the small part in again
10: diffrent angle of what u should end up with
11: take the barrel
12: and connect it
13: take the foregrip
14: deattach the yellow con here like shown
15: put the blue rod in the remaining yellow con like shown
16: and put the yellow con back
17: remove this blue rod
18: and put it in here
19: then clip the foregrip on
20: what u should end up with (it is supposed to take shape now :D) READ THE NOTES!
21: bottom view of where u should put that
22: better view now right?
23: grab the bolt now
24: put one row on like so, look carefully! and read the notes!
25: put the part u removed last pic in here
26: and clip the other row of the bolt on
27: now grab the scope if u builded it
28: put the scope holder on the scope
29: clip it on
done!!!! yohoooo! (did u lose ur fingers :P if not than well done)

Step 10: The Elastics, Ammo, Loading and Firing

ok, onto the elastics
1: all the elastics to lock some stuff in the foregrip in and for the trigger read the notes
2: were to put the elastics on the foregrip and read the notes for details
3: on the trigger read the notes again
4: Ammo and the elastics needed for firing there are 8 elactics needed for firing 1 bullet, wich u should make too, if u want to fire, read the notes for some tips
5: put the 8 elastics together to form 4 longer ones
6: to load, remove the scope (that is why it is connected to the gun so lightly)
7: take 2 of you long elastics like so
8: put them around the last blue rod on the barrel and stretch them a bit, especially if they are new
9: pull them to this side, around the yellow con, look closely!!!!!
10: pull them back and put them on a blue rod above to the orange con as shown on the pic, if ur elastics are new, let them be there for a while
11: top view of what u should end up with
12: put the bullet in the elastics with the tan clip facind down on the rod and pull it back
13: lock it in the trigger like shown
now, pull the bolt, push it back (not nessecairly) and pull the trigger to fire and you will get BOOM headshot if u aimed well lol.
if u want to fire on something anyway, try on some pillows or make a paper with a drawn face on it and hang it between something before a wall and shoot through it, i did this some times and it is fun, way more fun than bleeding alot or seeing someone else bleed alot.

Step 11: The End

I hope u like my gun and have alot of fun with it, try not to go running through your house with a loaded gun, mayby it will fire accidently
ok, some credit:
gtrain for the stock idea
mrstealth for the firing mech (mine looks like his) and the barrel idea (same as trigger, looks like his)
anyways, I wish u luck on taking it apart if u are going to (trust me, i did for the instructable, it is a pain in the ass) and good luck on shootin alot of paper enemys

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    Tip 4 months ago

    For those of you that cant make it fire. Here is how I fixed it. Go back to step six pic 9. First do NOT make the plate 3 that has no red connectors. Second for plate 4 don't add the two yellow connectors. just make the red one with the white rod. Now in pic 17 slide a yellow rod through the 2 red connectors and the grey connector. Add 2 grey connectors on both sides and 1 blue(or another grey) on one of them to make it so it doesn't slide. Make a strand of rubber bands that fits your gun(depends on the size of the band)and loop the two ends around the yellow rod. Now pull the rod down the middle of the barrel going around the first two yellow connectors. This requires a different bullet that consist of a yellow rod and tan connector on the end(not snapped to the side). Now is when I relized the band gets caught on the side of the barrel some times. To fix this just take a strip of tape down the sides and top of the 2 plate 2 from pic 9 step 6. There you go. That is how I fixed the problem. This also allows you to pick your firing power. So you don't make yourself bleed(although I made mine more powerful and accidently shot myself in the stomach and it tor my skin through my sweatshirt). Hoped I helped. Also I am working on a bipod and I will either put it up as an instructable or if its simple enough just as a detailed comment like this one.


    Reply 4 months ago

    Here are some pictures. I also forgot to mention that I cut the red connector near the trigger so that the bullet slides into it. it doesn't need this.


    Reply 4 months ago

    A few more.


    5 years ago

    If it made u bleed, than this is dangerous weapon not in Knex wars. What if u shot someone in head.


    Reply 1 year ago



    1 year ago

    Does it actually make you bleed????????????????????

    marioguy dude
    marioguy dude

    3 years ago

    i didn't have enough pieces so i made it a rubber band gun that shoots rods


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi i have just made this gun but i cant seem to fire it please explain how the elastic band system works


    7 years ago on Step 9

    I Made This Into A Rod Shooter, I Hope You Don't Mind


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 9

    Of course, I do not mind. I always feel that anyone can make anything for one of my creations, like mods or extra's and post them, as long as ,if one posts my creation with it, they give me credit for what I made.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    hee hoe voorkom ik dat de kogel de hele tijd na 10 meter naar beneden duikt ?
    hulp plzz
    alvast bedankt ;)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Dat kan alleen aan de manier waarop je de elastieken hebt gebruikt liggen, of aan de elastieken zelf. Er is een speciale manier van de elastieken om de gele -halve-maan connectors te draaien nodig, anders vliegen de kogels alle kanten op. zie stap 10 of 11 hiervoor

    if anyone has an idea for a new gun (I prefer snipers) please, comment it and I will make it if I can make it and have parts and above all if i think it is possible
    so please comment and i will react soon!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    you should make an sr_25! that would be sweet!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    what about a low piece sniper, mag fed, possibly slingshot good range?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    low piece? no. that wont work. for real good snipers you almost have to have quite a few parts to make it stable and enable it to handle lots of power. but mag fed sligshot does sound pretty awesome...

    Fred the evil puppet
    Fred the evil puppet

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    What about a Barrett .50 cal. Pseudo mechanism?
    Or perhaps a Druganov-bolt action?