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This was my first attempt at a knife.  My son Christopher completed the work on the sheath for me.
This knife was made from an industrial hack saw blade which is very hard and proved to be very difficult to cut, and shape.



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    3 years ago

    very nice! most people don't get the whole "use carbon steel" thing, but you seemed to nail that! if this turns into more than a hobby, i can see you and your son making some very beautiful knives


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you it is the first knife I tried


    I made knives for a long time by stock removal from old files and things, and it does take so much longer than forging. I highly recommend it. You can use a normal fireplace, and blow into a copper pipe that leads to the heart of the fire to get it really hot. For a make-shift anvil, you can use a large sledge-hammer head. This knife does look nice though.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I am currently enjoying the stock removal method of making knives (yes it do take a fair amount of time). Maybe this summer I may try to make a forge out of a charcoal bbq, using a shop vac as a blower.

    Beautiful sheath. If you are interested in knife making, I would suggest building a cheep forge to make blades, you can do 90% of the work on it and it's allot more fun than stock-removal (what you did) it also frees up allot of design options. I will create an instructable on it soon because I am trying to devise an entire beginners forge and tool setup for 20$. If you are wanting to find better materials, I would suggest making the blade out of an old file because it is very hard, high carbon and holds an edge wonderfully. However these break easily, so if you want a bigger blade I would go with broken leaf springs from a junkyard. (about 20$)