The Lake


Introduction: The Lake

This was a gift I made for my parents anniversary.  It was created from photographs that I took at their house.  I layered laser cut 1/4" oak plywood panels; 1. raster image with heron glued to it. 2. spacer panel. 3. vector cut trees and heron. 4. spacer panel. 5. vector cut cattails and grass. 6. spacer panel.

I then glued together.  Once dry, I lightly sanded the outer edges and top, then sprayed on a few coats of water soluble sealer.  I attached loop hooks on both sides on the back edge for hanging, the same distance from the top.  I added a custom raster message on the back of the art piece as finalize the piece.



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Every time I download it it opens in word with just sheets of random letters.

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It is an .AI file, which is Adobe Illustrator. Its a vector line drawing. You have to open it with Illustrator or another .AI vector program.

Hello, I am not able to download the .ai file :(

Could you please help me? I think is a great work and I really want to try it.

I use Corel draw. Thank you!

Well, I'm going to need to ask for help (yet again). when I download the above file "heron picture" ,all I get is a partial of the background. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? I was able to download all of the pieces before, as you can see from my comment earlier last year, but now when I try this is all I get.

Thank you being patient with me, I apperciate your help.

Screenshot (1).png

This just what I was looking for, for a friend, but when I sent it to Corel,I cant select any of the pieces to send to the laser. I'm quite new to to Corel and would greatly appreciate any help.

Screenshot (14).png
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Works fine for me on corel. Select the objects, click arrange and ungroup. Then you can send the pieces to the laser in their layers

I should have replied to you before now, but I'm just now getting back to doing this project. Thank you for you advice, I've since gotten a little better with Corel. I'll send pics!

I would have, but i forgot to take photos while making it. Did you download the AI file I included? It has everything you need to make your own!

thats pretty cool, you should do a step by step view with the various layers laid out