The Lamp!

Introduction: The Lamp!

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I made this lamp when I was 14 with my shop smith and a cheap chop saw. It was very fun making it and is not that hard. Please favorite, and vote comment questions! Thank you! I got almost every thing at Home Depot besides for the bloodwood.

Step 1: Lumber

I used blood wood and maple blood wood was bought at woodcraft. The maple is 6 by 36.

Step 2: Rings

There are 14 rings and 169 pieces each ring is the same so put a stop block on the fence with a clamp. To hold the peace use a pencil since you do not wont it trapped between the blade and the stop block.

Step 3: Turn

Since there is no end grain it is very very fun to turn! (That is a bowl made of blood wood I do not have a photo of me turning it)

Step 4: Assemble

Use the instruction on the kit.

Step 5: Clean Up

Thank you please vote fav, and comment

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