The Lantern Runs on Peltier

Introduction: The Lantern Runs on Peltier

Almost a year ago was a project on Kickstarter eternal torch, working hands from the heat. The idea is good, but, according to a little too small. "Total 1 the LED. So I decided to increase the size. Look what happened! The principle is the same, but the thermocouples 4 and more efficient radiator. As a result, a powerful beam of light. With its creation, the author was inspired by the shape of the imperial fighter from Star Wars.

Step 1:

How to make a generator, making electricity from heat generated by the palms? Handy piece of thick aluminum strip 3 millimeters. Using a hacksaw and file 2 has made the bar for the future of the radiator. The handle must conform to four thermocouple Peltier two on each side. At this time, the modules used sp1848. They are more effective than a simple Peltier.

A very important detail for the design of the radiator lamp. The shape of the wings is simple to manufacture. At the same time, it removes heat perfectly. radiator halves mounted at a certain distance from each other. This gap can easily hide wiring. It is important that the pen itself has more ergonomic to hold his hand. Plastic covers to completely hide the radiator inside the handle. Thus, we only touch the Peltier thermocouples and give them warm.

How does the electronics? Thermo modules connected in series and are connected to the input voltage step-up converter. The findings come in a large super bright LED 3 volts. The voltmeter is connected to the module to the converter input. Thus, we see, to begin with a minimum voltage of the inverter. Check out how to start the device. Impose hands on items.

0.6 volts - the voltage at which the boost converter starts. If we remove the hand, we see how the voltage drops. Now the fun begins. Despite the fact that the tension begins to decrease, the LED continues to burn He stops to give light, when it is a few hundredths to a voltmeter. This again raises the voltage to the required to bright light. You must run the scheme once, and it works, raising volts with meager values. Reaches a few hundredths of a volt ..

Step 2:

The best time for this flashlight - winter. When outdoors zero or negative light, not many hands are cold, especially if they change periodically. Therefore, to produce a warm light hand is quite real. And if he put the cooler in the snow, in the spotlight! Try to do like. This is not as difficult and expensive as spectacular and exciting.

Step 3:

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    That works really well :)