Red Dot Sight

Intro: Red Dot Sight

You might need to edit your sight based on the dimensions of your laser pointer.

Step 1: The Base

The hole in the front and sides are necessary to be able to use the sight, so make sure you include them. Also make sure that the pointer is sideways, otherwise the trigger won't work. The piece of paper is optional, I only needed it to make it show more laser so that it will be brighter. You might not need this depending on your pointer.

Step 2: The Trigger

You don't need that specific piece, so long as it can go two bricks deep.

Step 3: Turning It On

To activate the sight, push the trigger on the side in. To turn it off, pull it out. This was my first instructable, so tell me how I did!



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    3 years ago

    I made this same kind of Lego sight u might wanna check it out on my profile

    This looks very interesting, does the sight help you complete some task? Awesome job showing your process, welcome to instructables!

    1 reply

    I use the sight for airsoft, but someone could probably find another use for it, and thank you for the complement.