The Legend About Breaking Eggs

About: I like to create things, handmade weapon, arduino projects, science and some crazy staff! Also I like to capturing videos about my projects and I have YouTube channel - MadGyver!

Do you can break an egg? In this video i'm gonna carry on some experiment with crashing eggs by my hands, and by special egg-crashing machine, that I had designed espicially for this episode!

I will: try squeez an egg with both hands, try to crash an egg with one hand and try to destroy an egg with the egg-squeezing machine! Point is: a pressure depends on area of force application, so the bigger an area, the lower a pressure on an egg. Palms is soft and they completely cover an egg, so pressure is very small, and design of egg is made by nature to withstand distributed load like squeezing.

So you can see at the video what happend with this legend.

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