How to Make the Lego Double Decker Couch for Less Than $250




Everything is awesome Everything is cool!

All except the Double Decker Couch, one great idea by one crazy person (or minifigure).

The only way to properly obtain one of these engineering marvels is to buy a $250 set and it comes as part of a scene.

I didn't have $250 to spend so I made my own couch and movie theater and surround system for the room

The pieces used are quite common and if you don't have a particular piece it is easy enough to swap it out for something else.

So read on to find out how to make one for yourself!

Step 1: The Overview

This step is an overview of what you will be building, it is pretty simple; 2x minifigs -- 1 couch -- 1 flatscreen TV -- 1 surround sound system.

I have allotted a step for the couch, tv and sound system and there are sub-steps too.

This is though out enough to have a tv remote for the minifig to hold!

Step 2: The TV Overview 1/3

This set of steps has three parts, the TV itself, the surround sound system and this step.

To make the surround sound system go to step 2/3.

If you want to make the TV and cabinet go to step 3/3.

Step 3: Surround Sound 2/3

This step shows you how to make the surround sound system.

It is the simplest part of all so it only has one photo.

You will need to make 4 units, 1x 90* brick and 1x Grille makes 1 unit.

The pieces in the picture will make only 2x units.

Build 4 units and move onto the next step :)

Step 4: TV and Cabinet 3/3

This sub-step shows you how to make the flat screen TV.

It is fairly easy, the base is a 2x2 round plate with a 1x1 round plate underneath.

This sits in the center of the 2x6 plate that makes the top of the cabinet.

Use two of the speakers you made in the last step on each end of the cabinet and the other two can be left separate.

The little slot under the cabinet is for the remote to be stored in, it is not necessary.

Step 5: The Piece of Resistance -- the Couch! 1/4

This set of steps will show you how to make the couch.

This one is a 4 part series so to make the top you need to go to 2/4.

To make the base of the couch go to 3/4.

To make the ladder go to step 4/4.

To have fun go to (insert your most fun place here).

Step 6: The Top of the Couch 2/4

This is the top of the couch.

It is based on a 4x6 plate, I used 2x 2x6's instead with 3x 2x3's underneath holding them together.

You need to make this section two plates thick like shown.

The arm rests are cross snaps and axle extenders, they slot into a 1x6 brick with technic holes in it.

Move onto the next step when you are finished here.

Step 7: The Base of the Couch, 3/4

The base of the couch is attached to the ladder, you will make the ladder in the next step.

Follow the photos and this part should be easy.

There isn't much to note here, the seats can be replaced with actual lego seats if you wish.

Step 8: The Ladder, 4/4

This step will show you how to make the ladder.

You will need 2x 5 stud technic beams.

Put these together like shown.

Make your attachment out of a 1x2 technic brick with 2 holes, this will give you an offset so the ladder sits on the side of the couch.

Once you are done move on to the next step!

Step 9: Assembly

Assembly is the easy part, take the bottom of the couch and the ladder, piece together like shown in the first photo.

Now take that jumble and put the top part on like the third photo shows.

When you have done that you now own one of "The dumbest creations I have ever seen.".

I have attached a few "first-minifig-view" photos so you can get the idea of what the problem with this couch is!

Congrats on your new model, Thanks for checking this out and if you liked this please share this and check out my other 'ibles!

The first 5 people to build this model and post photos will get a 3 month PRO membership to Instructabes!



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    3 years ago

    Cool! But they did put this in a 10-15$ Lego set.


    4 years ago

    Guess what guys! In 2015 their coming out with a smaller set WITH the double decker couch! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! ( and cool )

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    $250 for the set that contains this couch!

    It is lot of money and I didn't have it so I comprimised!


    4 years ago

    Um"..why dis called for 250 dollars how much in pounds this is rid bye guys

    Oh lol well then... Happy Winter? It's a little late for National Cherokee Holiday, since that's in September, but happy winter then haha=)