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    Oh and have you looked below when you write a comment? It says be constructive with your comments at risk of BAN

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    And? If you're suggesting that my comments were not constructive then I whole-heartedly disagree. I educated someone about copyright infringement and protected someone's work.

    Well at the minute, I can't delete it cos it's in a contest so I guess I will have to wait

    You just noticed that you copied this straight out of the book that you learned it from?
    Unfortunately, unless if you have permission from the author and/or publisher, giving credit is not enough. You copied word-for-word and that is considered copyright infringement. If nothing else this violates the Instructables Terms and Conditions of Use and should most definitely not be entered in any contest.

    You should really give Doug Stillinger credit for this one since you used the same name, contraption, and even text.

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