The Lightning a KNEX Assault Rifle

Introduction: The Lightning a KNEX Assault Rifle

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Boasting a charging handle, dual sights, a yellow rod mag that can be changed to shoot red rods, blue rods ext. the Lightning is an awesome war weapon. The charging handle allows for rapid fire while the lightweight design and center of balance at the handle allows for great mobility and accuracy. The Lightning has a 10-15 round mag (non removable I ran out of parts for that) and very good power.

Some specs

Charging handle
Good size mag
High rof about 40 rpm (no reloading time added)
Good range (finammo) 60 ft with 4 bands

Info about stock

Storage room for ammo

Some info about the charging handle

Free moving (not attached to pin)
Can hold up to 5 bands (superglued more bands)
My own design
Runs on rails

Facts about the mech (trigger and mag)

Red book of westmarch trigger
Barrel length (measured from where the trigger stops the pin) 9-10 inches
Adjustable mag

If anyone wants to help me make this a better weapon leave a comment !

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