The Lightning II XL KNEX Sniper Rifle

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Based on the frame and charging handle mech of the Lightning assault rifle the Lightning II is a sniper rifle that will decimate the enemy's from range.

What's changed from the Lightning assault rifle?

Extended barrel
Smaller mag
Changed trigger and trigger guard
Cheek rest on stock
Improved charging handle
A few tweaks

Why did you change it into a sniper?

For four reasons

1) extra accuracy
2) I needed a sniper for a war
3) because it looks cool
4) because I can


The same as with the Lightning except the mag capacity (5 yellow rods)

I need weapon ideas (mechs or a certain kind of gun)

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    4 years ago

    ooh ooh do a bolt action with a tubular mag like on a shotgun. have the mag feed back towards the chamber and have a ramp at the end to direct the bullets up, then have the bolt over that with a spot for one bullet in the bottom. if you need help I will but at the moment I'm working on a bizon with a horizontal mag and functioning bolt

    1 reply
    Knextremely stupidDreamwave

    Reply 4 years ago

    Tubular mags can only hold small ammo (like white rods) so it would be pointless as a sniper and well I suck at building bolts