The Little Gum-Box Speaker That Could

Introduction: The Little Gum-Box Speaker That Could

Do you like to listen to your music without headphones, but don't have much space? Do you have some spare parts and garbage sitting around? Do you want a small project to show friends? Then this is for you!

This small Gum Container-based speaker uses an old computer speaker, some broken headphones, and of course, a gum container.

So if you're ready to start building, let's get to it!

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

The following can hopefully be found around your house, or salvaged from old garbage:

-A small Speaker (From an old computer, etc.)
-Headphones (Hopefully dead and/or previously unusable)
-A gum container (Empty, otherwise EAT UP! )

Some other tools you will need:

-Scissors or a knife
-Tape (Electrical and/or Duct)
-Soldering Iron w/ Solder (Optional)
-Push Pin or Thumbtack
-A Lighter (Used with caution)

Step 2: The Speaker

Unfortunately, I will not be going over how to wire your speaker. For more information on this, I suggest Dr. D's "How to wire a headphone jack to a speaker"

Bottom line, you want to strip your headphone wires, and attach them to your speaker.

Step 3: Prepping Your Container

Start by removing your lid from your container.

Next, using your push pin, punch holes into the top of your lid. This will allow sound to escape when your lid is closed.

Now, onto the body of the container. Using your knife or scissors, cut a hole near the bottom. Make sure that the wiring from your headphones can fit through. A tight fit is better, so that your wire will not go in all the way. (This can be a problem).

Step 4: Speaker Installation

Now for the biggest part of this project; installing the speaker. How you choose to do this is up to you, but I found it easier and sturdier to hot glue it into the lid. Other options include taping it in.

Make sure that your wires are facing in the right direction of your hole (not too important) and take your time.

Before we close up your enclosure, feed your wire through the inside of the container, and out the hole made in the previous step. If your hole is a tight enough fit, you will not be able to push the 3.5mm jack through the hole again. Thus, you can pull the wire through this hole for distance, and push it back in for storage.

Step 5: Closing It Up

If you used a similar gum container to me, or a speaker that is slightly too big, your lid will unfortunately no longer fit on completely.

To get your enclosure to stay shut, you can use either hot glue again, or duct tape. In this situation, I believe the duct tape to be stronger. Once this is done, enjoy your new speaker!

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 5

    hmm... I have speaker in the same box before you made this instructable but i add an amp to my speaker for better sound


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, I noticed right after I published this.

    Honestly, I was just looking for an enclosure for my speaker, and happened to find that gum container. It's all a coincidence.

    I did, however, look at your project afterwords, and I have to say it is impressive looking. Definitely the better project to go with if you are more technologically inclined, or looking for a bigger project.