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No-sew DIY costumes for Ariel, King Triton, and Ursula. I bought king tritons wig, some red and grey hair paint, and the $2 swimsuit(Ariels tail). Everything else I already had around the house!

Step 1: Ariel, Daughter

Painted shells on white shirt then used hot glue to line with sequins and pearls (2 of the pearls popped off but it held up pretty good considering it was on a toddler) Tail was made from bathing suit I found for $2. Used hot glue to "hem" edges and add ric rac then put some tulle at the top to tie around her waist. It twirled and got twisted when she walked so I used my trusty hot glue to reinforce it with some poster board on the back. Also added ric rac to pants. I started with a red sequin bow and added purple ribbon, ric rac, and pearls, and topped it off with a shiny "dinglehopper". She had the silver shoes so I just painted a small flouder and sebastian and glued them on top.

Step 2: King Triton, Dad

Painted abs on shirt. Made tail from old pillow case I cut up, painted with silver glitter paint and added gold scales. Added ric rac. Used cardboard for the bottom of fin and ribbon at top to tie like Ariels. Crown made from poster board and paint. Trident made from curtain rod, card board and gold duct tape. Cut up fur lining in old hoodie to make beard. Cuffs made from glitter paper.

Step 3: Ursula, Mom

Had a dress and tutu. Used a old curtain to cut out 8 legs and paint tentacles (I was using up a lot of my paint so I decided to put a layer of modge podge first then paint over it when it dried. This worked so much better, it didn't just go through the fabric.) Ran ribbon through and wore like a belt. Cut old shirt to make Flotsam and Jetsam shawl. Painted their faces on. Painted shell and ribbon to make necklace. Painted shells for earrings. Crown made like Tritons



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    2 years ago

    I love it! You must have had a ball finding all the goodies to use. Great job!


    2 years ago

    Great family costume, you guys look adorable!

    1 reply