The Littlest Mummy Costume

About: I'm an avid crafter, just waiting for my chance to either start my own business or work as a production designer for a theatre group. :)

I was trying to think of a costume for my 2 month old daughter for a Horror Movie Convention that I frequent and I came up with this idea. Hopefully it will also be her Halloween costume, although she may out grow it by Halloween. It's really easy to make, and It's bound to get your little one tons of awwws (and maybe extra candy in the bag for you!)!

For this costume, you will need:

A Onesie. (I recommend one that's the next size up from your baby, it'll help with taking it on and off.)
Off White Linen Strips. (I had tie inserts from ties that I had destroyed for another project, but any type of linen strip will work!)
Thread and Needle.

Step 1: Starting the Costume

I used a very basic running stitch to attach the linen strip. You want to make sure that the strip is attached securely, but it's ok if the edges are loose. Mummies always look like they're starting to unravel!

Step 2: Start Layering!

I started working from the bottom of the onesie up, to make sure I got it covered. Overlapping where you've already covered is encouraged to give it some extra depth. And don't forget to put some on the sleeves!

Step 3: Finishing Touches!

I chose to leave a few pieces of linen hanging down to give that unraveling effect. It also gave my daughter something fun to play with and chew on, which added to the awww factor. I've included a picture of her wearing it, to show the overall effect, but she's not quite ready for her internet debut, so please don't mind the box covering her face. :)



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