The "Love-Gun"





Introduction: The "Love-Gun"

In this experimental design brief we wanted to awaken the discussion about weapons as toys for kids and how that is considered totally fine and normal, despite weapons real intention: to injure, maim and kill people. We wanted to put that interesting phenomena into perspective by comparing it with something that is totally taboo for kids to play with and being exposed to, but that is instead totally natural and great: sex.

The way we wanted to do this was modifying a toy-weapon bought from a store in such a way as that it looks like any other toy-weapon, but when you use it/fire it the sounds coming from it would be the sounds of sex. We are pretty sure that most people would not want to present that to kids, which proves our point and can lead to some interesting discussions.

In this instructable we will show you how to construct one of these guns yourself, by following our process.

For this instructable you will need the following equipment.

- 1 x Toy gun with built-in speaker ( 8 Ω, 0,5 W)
- 1 x Arduino Uno with and SD-card reader on an ethernet shield
- 1 x LM386 low power amplifier

- 1 x 220 µF polarized capacitor
- 1 x 100 µF polarized capacitor
- 1 x 10 µF polarized capcitor
- 1 x 1 µF capacitor

- 2 x 10 kΩ resistor
- 1 x 220 Ω resistor

Step 1: Start - Buy the Gun

Start of by visiting your local toy-store. They will probably have a lot of weapons, but what you are looking for is one wth an inbuilt speaker (you can tell that it has if it makes sounds that sounds computer-generated). We bought this one:

Step 2: Let It Rip!

The next step is to simply take the weapon apart by unscrewing everything. The weapon should just fall apart, but sometimes you have to break it open a little. It differs from weapon to weapon. Here's the different parts of our weapon when we dismantled it:

Step 3: Get an Arduino With an SD-card.

There are to different things that you need to do in order to complete this project: set up the schematic for the Arduino speaker and program the little program that you need for the playing of the sounds.

Then you also need to modify the weapon so that the sounds play when you pull the trigger. Lets start with this.

Step 4: Triggering

What we want to do is make the circuit of the Arduino soundplayer connect when you pull the trigger. A very simple way to do this is to attach a conductive material to the inside of the trigger and to a nearby area. When you pull the trigger, the conductive materials will touch each other and you will have a flow of electricity through the circuit. We started by ripping out everything but the inbuilt speaker:

Step 5: Starting on the Trigger-circuit

Next step is to build a little support for the conductive material that is to be touched by the other conductive material attached to the speaker. Something like this:

Step 6: Attaching the Conductive Material to the Trigger

As the title says, just attach the conductive material to the trigger, but make sure that the materials do not touch each other if the trigger is not pulled, but do if it is. It will look like this (note that we have attached the cables leading to the Arduino to each of the conductive surfaces):

Step 7: The Arduino Schematic



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