The Lying TARDIS

Introduction: The Lying TARDIS

This project incorporates two ideas thought of during the brainstorming process - A TARDIS and a polygraph. Therefore, this instructable will be split into a TARDIS section and a polygraph section. The TARDIS 3-D printed using Inventor while the TARDIS was programmed using a Mac Laptop and an Arduino Uno.

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Step 1: Programming the Ardunio Uno

To set up the circuit for the Arduino Uno, we used two galvanic skin receptors as well as an RGB LED that is normally blue but flashes red whenever skin conductance rate reaches a certain threshold (subject is possibly lying). We used Processing to send data to receive data from the Arduino and form a Graph. A sharp increase in the graph may be used to indicate a lie.

Step 2: Designing the TARDIS

First we set up a ratio of the actual dimensions of the TARDIS to find the dimensions of our proposed model. This ratio made our TARDIS alomst a 14th the size of the actual TARDIS in the Doctor Who series. This model would have to be small enough to be able to be 3D printed, but large enough to be aesthetically pleasing. It was decided to construct the TARDIS in two pieces - the walls and the corner pieces. The walls and the corner pieces were designed such that they would interlock when pushed together. There is no bottom piece such that

Step 3: Modeling the Tardis

The TARDIS was modeled on inventor. The corner pieces, the walls, and the roof of the TARDIS were all modeled differently.

Step 4: Printing the TARDIS

The TARDIS was printed on a 3D printer. On average it took an hour and 45 minutes to print each of these items.

Step 5: Putting the TARDIS Together

Since the Walls and the Corner Pieces were created to interlock, merely pushing them together should lock them in place. After all the walls and corner pieces are connected, simply laying the roof on top will finish the construction process.

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    3 years ago

    Very cool! This is a great mashup, and totally original. Well done!