Hey guys this is my first ible so please comment and any creative and making related crticism is appreciated.
This is the MINI pen crossbow
Have you ever thought i want to attack someone on the GO? Like while giving some files to your boss you want to fire at one of your co workers so they think it was someone from the direction you fired and you can have a hearty laugh then?
Or if you want to perform a quick attack in between your breaks?
Then this is the thing for you.
It is handheld , capable of shooting to a max range of 22 feet(adjustable), operated by a simple trigger/safe, will alaways follow your orders and accomplish your dream of taking revenge from your enemies!!!!

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The parts needed for making the crossbow are :
1) 1 pen with broad clip
2) 4x Big paper clips
3) 5x small paper clips
4) 3x binderclips(select a size which fits your pen)
5) 1x rubber band/ elastic
6) 1x tape roll
7) Pencils(amount depends on the quantity of basic ammo you need) 
8  Some tacs/pins(depending on the amount special ammo)
9) 1x small binder clip(opt)( for extension of your handle)
10) Your time!!!!!

1) 1x  Plier/Plier cum multitool(what i used)
2) 1x scissors

The numbers before the para in the coming steps tell you how i designed the original explanation you have to follow those numbers as steps wise way for assembling the crossbow. These are the sub steps after the steps in instructables style.

Step 2: The First Step in the Making!!!!!

1) Take the pen you have(mine was a cello pinpoint 0.8 as you must have seen the image) in your hand  then just inspect your pen, your pen should have a broad clip(CLIP refers to the area of the pen on which the type and name of pen is written on HERE).
Attach one of the binder clips on the cap leaving a space (0.5 to 1cm) according to your pen it may vary that is why it is not exact. Mark the point.

Step 3:

2) Then attach one of your binder clips on the cap where the mark is and you can attach the clip in any way(front or back) because it makes no difference.

3) Straighten out all your paperclips and make them as straight as you can because doing this task at once makes the clips easy for use later on.

Step 4:

4) Then take your binder clip and place the arms in a 180 degree angle(The binder clip should look like a really tiny tent with two metal things protruding out of its top.

Step 5:

5) Then just holding the pen(cap side pointing towards your eyes) look at the binderclip and then look at the two points where the binder clip is attached. You have to look inside the hole of point A. you will notice a small gap between the wall of the hole and the start of the arm of you binder clip (This is to let the arm move freely).

6) Take the small straightened paperclip and insert one of its points (ends) to plug the gap between the two(So that it restricts the arm from moving much),you have to insert it a little more than quarter. This will stabilize the 180 degree angle and create a steadier crossbow arm. 

Step 6:

7) Take the other end the of the paperclip and creating a down facing C insert it into the backend of the binder clips arm(the other side(facing side B of pen) of the same side which is still slightly free and plug the paperclip into that holes gap too.

8) Repeat the same (step 6 and 7) with the other arm too.
Or you could just do both the arms simultaneously (that’s what I did).

9) Then make the down facing C into the image shown.
You have to do it with both of the arms.

Step 7:

10)  You have to Lock the paperclips in position like this.

Step 8:

11) Twist around these half loops or whatever you want to call them on the arms of the binder clip(The right side loop on the pen’s A facing arms part and the left side loop on the pen’s  B facing arms part). This will stabilize the arms of the binder clip even more thus resulting in a sturdier crossbow arm.

I made these half loops half by hand and the rest by the plier.

Step 9:

12) Then take another same sized binder clip and attach it to 0.5cm to 1cm gap left out in the clip of your pen cap, because it is attached to only a little of the pen cap from one side and the attached to the body of the pen throughout till the end of the binder clip the top of the clip should form a slight V shape.(Now the major part of your  A section of the pen’s area is done).

Step 10:

13) Then just place a staple(stapler refill) 1 to 1.5 cm before the end of point B(This is only if you think that the diameter of the pen before the end of point be is smaller and your clip is not held correctly in place) and just attach another to it. This is what will have your trigger mechanism integrated into.

Step 11:

14) Now, just take one of the big paperclips and coil it around both of the arms of the b end paper clip which is supposed to contain the trigger (as shown in the pic).
Have your paperclips straightened.

Step 12:

15) Now take another big paperclip and coil it around the center of the clip you just coiled, the clip should be coiled pointing in the  side direction. As the width of the first paperclip coil is not that much this can be easily accomplished (with pliers/plier cum multitool),you have to make about 3-4 coils around the first clip and there should be at least 6-8cm of the bigger clip left out(just an estimate).

Step 13:

16) Then take the paperclip left out end(uncoiled) and make it vertical, you could take it up from any side of the binder clip that is left or right.(It does not make a difference ).
This image is only to show you how i did it.

Step 14:

17) To turn this into a trigger look at the shape of the trigger that I have made ,you have to make the thumb pull hump in a way which enables to pull the trigger easily and just bend in a U shape so the sharp end of the paperclip doesn’t damage your rubber band (pic) and you have to keep the end of the trigger a little slanted so that when you pull the trigger back the rubber band will stretch a bit and the release due to the slant, this won’t happen if the end is not slanted and you will have to put a fairly more amount of pulling back before it releases the rubber band.

Step 15:

18) Fix the rubber band from the arm’s b facing section. AND make the band a double one (that means you have to make the first loop knot considering both the bands strands as this will increase the bands launch capability. Then you just make a simple knot on the opposite arms b facing side and you are done.

Step 16:

19) Now just  take another stapler refill and place it on top of the clip of the pen’s cap(this will act as the guiderail for your projectile) and just add glue  to the clip and fix it permanently once you are sure of its position(that should be a little forward from the mark).

20) Take another straightened big paperclip and just attach it to the A facing side of your front binder clips arms make it like a big slight C   shape then attach it,  you can do whichever arm you think u want to do first. This will give your “contraption” an even more crossbowey   look and add further stability to the arms.
 you can use any projectile like pencil or pen, or special ammo that is Tacs attaches on the front of a pencil. But before using the pencil as ammo make a wide slit on the side from where the rubberband will launch it so the band when released by the trigger goes into this crevice and launches your pencil perfectly.
Soon i will be putting an ible on diffrent ammos that can be used and how to make them and also a GRAPLLING HOOK upgrade that is coming soon!!!!

Step 17:

21) Now all is finished and you can add another big paperclip in this way if you want (only if you think your arm is still not stable) I have done this to show you how to get more stability if you need it. ALL IS OVER AND YOU HAVE YOUR VERY OWN HANDHELD QUICK ATTACK CROSSBOW
Soon i will be putting an ible on diffrent ammos that can be used and how to make them and also a GRAPLLING HOOK upgrade that is coming soon too!!!!

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