The MMM- Build It




You will need:
5 yellow
5 orange
4 green
3 grey (mine are orange in the pics) (2 capped)
2 white
1 red
14 one-capped dark grey
1 blue tan
1 tan 
7 blue
2 red
9 white
10 green
3 rings (blue)
elastic bands
the black thingymagij

Step 1: Make the Barrel

Make this

Step 2: Finishing Off the Barrel

Step 3: Make the Handle (1 of 2)

Step 4: Make the Handle (2 of 2)

Step 5: Add the Handle to the Barrel

note at the bottom of the handle on the picture it shows a white rod. on that white rod is a grey two capped connector. add this to your gun.

Step 6: Make the Trigger (almost There)

Step 7: Make the Rest of the Trigger and the Ram

Step 8: Add Elastic to Cushion the Ram

Step 9: Add the Trigger to the Gun

Step 10: Add the Elasticated Ram to the Gun

Step 11: Rubberband It and Load It



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    6 years ago on Step 6

    on the picture two dark grey one capped connectors have been missed out on the blue rod .add them on so that the curved bits are facing you (if you are looking at the same angle as the picture is).soz.