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Introduction: The Magic Duct Tape Wallet

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Hey gonna show you how to make the best kind of wallet in the world.  Its made outta duct tape and cardboard and more duct tape.  It is.......THE MAGIC WALLET!!!!!!!!
Im a newbie here and this is my first instructable so dont judge harsh, at least not too harsh.

Step 1: Getting Your Supplies

For your supplies you are gonna need;
A.  Duct Tape
B. Scissors (not neccesary but very helpful
C. A few playing cards ( or anything else u wanna measure ur wallet size to)
D. A pencil or pen
E. Cardboard
F. A ruler
G. An Imagination
And H. Some more DUCT TAPE!

Step 2: Starting Your Wallet

To start you wallet, click here
haha just kidding
Ok so, to start your wallet, you must get your supplies all together, on a clean mostly empty area.  Then you must draw the outline of your wallet sized card or tin or whatver you brought, onto a piece of your cardboard, now to do this correctly you must do trace your card twice onto the cardboard then cut them out.
Then you can cover them in the color of duct tape you have, or colors of duct tape.
You will now need to attach the straps.

Step 3: Creating the Straps

To create the straps you take two footlong pieces of duct tape and stick them together so there is no sticky stuff showing up and sticking to your fingers.  Then you take the one big strap and fold it once, so that it is still 1 foot long, then cut it into two footlong straps.  then you take those straps one at a time and fold them in half so that they are only 6 inches long and cut them, then you take those straps and cut them down the middle so that thye are still six inches but much thinner.
You now have the four 6 inch long straps that you need to make your wallet magical.

Step 4: Putting the Straps On

To put the straps on you are going to need do look at the pictures for details, but it is quite simple if explained properly.  So to put the straps on, you must put them on the back end of one of the pieces at least a centimeter away from the top and bottom edge.  You then tape them to the cardboard.  You then flip the card over so that the straps face to the left, you then put them on top of the other cardboard piece, then tape them to it. Then you  flip it back over to the original side and put the last two straps in an X formation like in the picture. Make sure to put the pieces underneath the other two attached straps.  You then put the carboard pieces on top of each other like in the next picture, you then tape the straps to the top cardboard piece and the bottom of the bottom carboard piece. 

Step 5:

YAY!!!!! You have now finished your magical wallet!!! This is probably the best part of an instructable, because you are now done and can enjoy what you made!

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    this was delish