The Magnificent Makeup Mask

Introduction: The Magnificent Makeup Mask

Don't you just hate it when you ruin your favorite shirt by getting makeup all over it? Or when you're planning to buy a really cute dress,  but stain the front with makeup when you try it on? And worst of all, when the blouse that you would die to have, and it is the only one in your size, is RUINED by someone else's makeup? Well those days are over! The Makeup Mask is proven to prevent makeup from getting on any garment that is pulled over the head. This product  is designed for teens, young adults, and anyone that wears makeup.

The makeup mask is significant because it will ensure that all makeup wearers are going to be able to keep makeup off of their clothing, when they are trying it on. The only way makeup will end up on someone’s clothes, is if they are not wearing the makeup mask, or if they have put the makeup mask on incorrectly. The impact that the makeup mask will have on society, is that anyone who wears makeup will be able to put on, and take off, their clothes without getting any makeup on them. This instructable will provide you with step-by-step information on how to properly construct and use your very own Makeup Mask.

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Step 1: Materials

1. Soft Well-ventilated Cloth
2. Elastic Band
3. Iron-on Adhesive
4. Scissors
5. Safety Pin
6. Extra-Large Paper Plate 
7. Permanent Marker
8. Iron
9. Straight Pins

Step 2: Acquire Materials

Many of the materials for the Makeup Mask can be readily found in most homes. Purchase any materials that you do not already have.

Step 3:

Trace the circumference of the plate onto the cloth (Any large circular object can be used for this step. The circumference needs to be large enough to cover an average-sized face).

Step 4:

Cut out the circle that has been drawn onto the cloth.

Step 5:

Use straight pins to fasten down the edges of the circle.

Step 6:

Cut a piece of elastic that is the diameter and a half of the circle after it has been pinned.

Step 7:

Use iron to apply the adhesive to the edge of the fold of the circle. (It is very important to apply the adhesive to the edge of the fold, leaving a small amount of room behind the adhesive for the elastic to go through). Leave a small opening at the end of the fold.

Step 8:

Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic. Use the safety pin to string the elastic through the opening of the fold. Once the ends of the elastic meet, remove the safety pin, and tie the ends together in a small knot. Seal the fold with adhesive to close the opening. 

Step 9: Completed Makeup Mask

Your Makeup Mask is complete and ready for use!

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