The Magnificent Mendel Prusa Power Supply Adjustable Cradle Mount (aka MPPSACM)



Greetings All,

Submitted for your RepRap 3D printing convenience, made at the San Jose TechShop, on Laser #1, the "Magnificent Mendel Prusa Power Supply Adjustable Cradle Mount "!  MPPSACM for short. Just to be clear, I made it at TechShop!

Use the SVG to get cutting or open the AI in Illustrator to make customizations. The design of the large holes is for the M8 metric threaded frame rod and the slots are for M4 screws.

I found that some power supplies have mounting screws on one side and not on the other, so a small L angle bracket can be used as a shelf on one side if needed.

The power supply I used (from Amazon) is 12v 30A and a bit on the large size so with the mounts added just fits between the stabilizer and frame vertices. This one measured 114mm wide by 50mm high, by 215mm in length.

•  Large holes for mooting on M8  threaded frame rod.
•  Small holes are all M4 for attaching the mount locking clips and power supplies.
•  Made from ≈3mm acrylic sheet.
•  Small locking "clips" to hold the mount to the M8 rod.

Laser Settings:
• Speed: 20
• Power: 90
• Freq: 5000

A second pass may be needed (my second pass settings:  S= 35, P=75, F = 5000). I'm sure this could be dialed in a bit more.

Thanks and please let me know how you use or improve this!

- david



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