The Maitlands

I chose to create The Maitlands "funny faces" from a scene in Beetlejuice, not only because it's such a unique idea but because of the nostalgic memories that go along with the movie!

Step 1: Creating the Basic Shape

I began creating the basic shape of both masks on a helmet from the dollar store. For Barbara's mask I used wire to form the open mouth. For Adams long nose I used thin cardboard and rolled it into a tube shape and placed it onto the helmet. Then placed two strips of cardboard on either side and used masking tape to form the structure of the eyes.
I continued using LOTS of masking tape, newspaper balls and cardboard to create the masks structure.

Step 2: Stabilizing!

Once I had my masks structure compete I then paper mâché! I used an easy and cheap recipe for the mâché; 5 parts water, 5 parts flour. So easy and inexpensive! I only used one layer of paper mâché of my masks because I didn't want to add any extra weight.

Step 3: On to the Details

Then it was painting time! I fortunately had a lot of the paint I used on these masks but did end up purchasing a large tube of white paint; about $8. The painting process was crucial; I needed the right skin tone, gum color and shadows!

Step 4: Tteeeeetttthhhhh

Another crucial part was adding teeth.... And getting them to look good! I used model magic and this was perfect! I created grooves and dips in the teeth and later painted to look dirty and greenish. After the halloween party we had I lost a few teeth. I decided I would coat the model magic teeth in Mod Podge, which made them a lot stronger. The teeth I replaced with crayola air dry clay. I recommend Model Magic because of the consistency.

Step 5: The Finished Product!!

And here you have it!!! This was the most fun to wear, create, and share!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    You nailed it! This is such a great costume.

    You cannot go wrong with anything from Beetlejuice. Very well done!

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    seamsterMr. Noack

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Wouldn't you know it, I had your last project in mind when I typed that comment! ha ha.