The Maitlands

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 For years my girlfriend was trying to convince me to do a couple's costume, so when the topic of one of our favorite movies came up, I decided to try and make the iconic pulled-faces of the Maitlands from Beetlejuice.
These masks were created in 2011 and received wide recognition and awards both locally and through the internet.

There were not a lot of pictures of the process.
The pieces themselves are carved from insulation foam that was glued into a block. I then used sandpaper and a Dremel drill to make all the details. The pieces were then painted.
Really all you need is some good reference and a little time to make these. There were about 5 hours each to carve. After that, the painting went really fast. The inside of the mouth and eyes are sheer black fabric so we could see out.

Awards and recognitions:

-1st palce in NECA action figure Costume Contest 2011
-Winner of 1st annual Manic Moviegoer costume contest
-Winner of's Paranormal Phenomina Costume Contest
-2nd place in Casillero del Diablo's Legendary Halloween Costume Contest Artistically Crafted Costume Award
-The RPF 1st Runner Up
-Featured in Coroflot Members Gallery
-Featured on as a WIN!
-featured on



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    2 years ago

    I bought some insulation foam at home depo to make these but I'm worried because it's the white foam (not as dense as the pink or blue stuff) it was a big 2 inch thick 4x 8 sheet. I had them cut in to 8 even squares. Was yours created with the cheaper white foam. It cost me 20.00 for the sheet. I'm hoping I can pull this off. I'm not very artistic so I'm a little nervous. Your carving looks very clean.

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Mine was created with the blue foam. I am not familiar with the white foam you are describing. I hope it works out for you! As for the carving, it may be easier than you think. Keep at it! Work slow at first to see how the foam responds to a dremel frill or different types of sand paper. Also, draw on the foam with a marker where you will put things so you have a guide, don't worry, it'll sand right off!
    Send a pic when you're done, I'd love to see it!
    Best of luck!


    Reply 2 years ago

    I made these costumes last year with the foam material, and was pleased with how they turned out. Unfortunately I have to remake the Adams head again. Last year I cut the foam into even 2 x 2 squares and noticed the nose was a little short.
    How long were your pieces before you started the sanding and shaping.


    4 years ago

    Would u be willing to make another set for sale. We would like to do this for next year's halloween?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Dude this is so awesome! A Couple questions.
    1. So you glue the insulation foam board together right? What kind of glue do you use? And does the glue cause any problems when you're doing the carving?
    2. When you're carving do you just use a sander tool on the dremmel, or do you use pointed attachments?
    3. Does the carving cause a big mess?

    Either way, using this Foam Board might be one of the best ideas ever for Halloween creation!

    Thank you so much for posting and showing these off!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I added some more details to the description above, but other than gluing foam together, carving it and painting it, there is not much to tell.