The Making of a Snowboard




This slideshow depicts the process of building a snowboard.  This is the second board I've built.  Both have been projects in applied composites courses taken at my local community college. There are several great resources on the Internet with "how to" methods that are well documented if you are interested in creating your own.  I must say that it's an amazingly fun & rewarding craft which I plan to continue.  Nothing beats riding your own board!  Enjoy!

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    Were are the great resources on the internet? How much did it cost? Thanks

    I actually just had a rocker mould custom made for 160 CM boards! I haven't had a chance to pull any boards off it yet, though. As for split boards, I have yet to deal with them at all. Have you checked out They make custom split boards. I've had topsheets printed through them. Both the customer service & quality was outstanding.

    judging by the company's that make rocker snowboards, you probably want to use magne-traction, where you bend the edge by each foot and in the middle on both sides. because of the fact that rockers tend to not dig in as well. if you make one you should post an instructable!

    hey could you make this without a press? and what other tools would you need?

    These particular materials probably came in under a couple hundred or so, I'd guess. I hope to make a detailed, step-by-step instructable in the near future..

    Tack them in place with superglue (sparingly) & clamps. The epoxy will to the actual adhering to the base & fiberglass.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    oi! where did you find your p-tex and edges!?! I've been yearning to make my own but not having edges has been the only thing stopping me.

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    As far as edges are concerned, you're just going to use regular ol' ski edges - 2 of 'em. I prefer using the treated ones as supposedly they bond better. I like to buy most of my materials through a local guy here, his website is There's another company at that has just about anything you could want, precut sidewalls, laminated cores, etc. I hope to get back into board making here real quick before next season! Good luck & I'd like to see what you come up with!