The Mario Bros. Apron




Are you bored of all those flowered aprons? Are you a hardcore gamer? Or maybe you need a nice gift for a geekie friend?

Then you'll have to make your own Mario Bros apron! Perfect for mushroom cooking.

Step 1: Materials You Need

It's all about sewing, so...

- Red cloth: nothing special, buy the cheaper one (it's an apron, not a night dress). About two meters will be enough.

- Red & white felter: we'll use it for doing the "Mario logo"

- Cloth glue: I think superglue will work too

- Red thread

- Big yellow buttons: They're easy to find because they're used in clown costumes.

- Red ribbons: you can make them with the same red cloth you bought, as i did, or you can buy them too.

- A sewing kit: Scissors, needles, pins... A sewing machine would be good, but you don't need it (it'll only make your work easier)

-Tape measure

-"A marker:" or something to draw in cloth.

Step 2: Make It

It's very easy: draw the pattern onto the cloth, cut it, and then embroid the borders.

Then, cut the ribbons as long as you desire and sew them as showed: two for the neck and two for the hips.

Finally, add details: sew the buttons, draw the logo onto the felt, cut it and glue it. You can add some pockets if you wish (I didn't).

EDIT: I did not put the measures, I explain why: The size will be different according to which one will use the apron. I made mine copying the measures from another apron (I'm sure you have one at home, or your uncle has one, or your neighbour!), and that's what I recommend to do ;-)

Step 3: Finished!

Now you can cook with style. Use it and your cooking skills will improve a lot!

You can also give it as a birthday present, as I did.

Of course, if you buy green cloth you could make a "Luigi Apron", or a "Wario Apron" with yellow cloth. Even a Batman Apron, just changing the logo!

And it's perfect if you're learning to sew, because it's very easy to make.

Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish and I'm sure I've committed a lot of mistakes, I hope you've understood it all ;-)

Please, if you liked it, or you've got a suggestion, comment it.

Thanks for reading!



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    i think you could of made the picture of a super mushroom on a grill an apren