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Hello there! You know that Instructable I said I was planning in my previous Instructable? Well here it is! A collaboration between Me and the amazing Lucas The Boss. It was meant to be a way to help me understand K'nex guns more and how to build them. This meant he basically built the entire thing and I followed along. As I have only ever built a couple of K'nex guns, this was quite a struggle for me and I kept messing up. So here's the process of us (99% Lucas) building the gun:

Step 1: The Building Process

Originally I suggested making a slide-action gun where the magazine was the slide. I even showed Lucas a little prototype I had built however he decided it would be better to build a sliding handle. He started construction and showed me the fruits of his labor and immediately I was impressed by the clarity of his construction. Later he decided the internals were messy and redid them. After that, he decided to scrap the sliding handle and create a pin gun. Initially I was disappointed because I saw pin guns as small, puny little things however he quickly changed my thoughts on them. So next we had the magazine; my first cut pieces ever. I really didn't want to at first but I realized it was necessary and once the magazine was built, I was glad I did! from there construction carried on relatively smoothly; he showed me what he built and I replicated it. When we finally finished it I created a relatively strong bi pod that supports the gun well and folds up. it is based off this but is a lot stronger. So that was the construction of the gun!

Step 2: The Statistics, Pros & Cons

• 45 foot range (Lucas' stats)
• Very sturdy gun overall
• Removable magazine
• Scope
• Ability to add attachments
• Quite heavy
• Bi pod (On mine)
• 7 Layers thick

1: Fore handle I designed
2: master-splinter306's grenade launcher



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    Yeah a few. I think 1, maybe 2 can be replaced but this was a while ago. And there aren't instructions as it looks good but isn't the best gun around :)


    3 years ago

    Its awesome really, I just wish the instructions on how to make it were clearer and more thorough.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you:) I will keep that in mind next time;) please check out my LLC ible for another gun :)


    Probably not however I will take pictures of each layer when I take it apart to show you all. If I get time I may make instructions but I'm going to be quite busy


    Sorry but I won't do that either because there is no reason to choose this gun over other guns apart from aesthetics.