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Introduction: The Mayor From Halloween Town Mask Tutorial

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Welcome to the creation of the Rotating Mayor Mask of Halloween Town, You can also watch the full videos on youtube! Materials and photos are found on the next steps!

Step 1: Make Sure You Have the Supply's!


Duct tape


Rigid Wrap


Model Magic!

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces for the Mask!

You are going to Cut out 6 flat head Triangles Pieces from a carboard box and tape them together. They should Roughly be the size of your head, so measure out from your shoulders to just above your head giving an inch or two for extra space! The width of the pieces run about 6 inches.

Once you have all of them taped and its flat, connect the two end pieces, it should look like a Lamp Shade! After that tape up all edges to make it more sturdy!

Step 3: Now Its Time for Rigid Wrap!

You are going to cut out strips of rigid wrap that are the same length as the mask.

Start with the bottom of the mask and follow the duct tape you have applied.

After the top and the bottom have been coated you can then start the middle section applying rigid wrap in circles around the mask, overlapping the end of the last segment laid down.

Step 4: Let Dry 24hr in the Meantime Work on Your Accessories!

Once the mask has been covered you will wait 24 hours before moving on to the painting and in the mean time you are able to work on your Spider Tie and Mayor Badge!

For this we will need Model Magic!! This is an air puffed air drying clay for kids! To make the spider roll small amount into a ball for each segment of the body and push together. Then roll out sausage like tubes for the legs.

The badge is very similar, your working with strips and a circle. Lay out the strips and then fold in half attaching them to the back of the circle you cut out.

Then Paint and let dry for 24 hours!

Step 5: After 24 Hours!

Your Ready to paint!!!! Get out a reference photo and paint the face on the mask, Poking eye holes in the middle of the eyes you paint on the mask.

And your Done!!!!

If you would like to see the full video tutorials click below!

Creating the Mayor Mask

Finishing the Mayor Mask and Accessories!

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    2 years ago

    nice Halloween you should put it by candy bowl and have It rotate from a dollar store disco motor. could probably put the entire disco ball inside and with some strategic pin holes in eyes and other areas would be a neat tech at night. especially if you had some fog under and all the fog was being colored and light refractive from the disco ball inside would be amazing


    Reply 2 years ago

    That is such a fun idea!!! It would be a fun decoration :D