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Hi guys !

I recently salvaged 2 speakers from my old car, I wanted to use them for a project. In this way I looked for a cabinet with audio efficient internal architecture to put them in.

I found labyrinth speaker which are very interesting because they allow to filter the sound.

That’s the reason why I’ve chosen it.

Step 1: Sketch and Design

First of all I found some labyrinth cabinet picture on online sales website but it was too expensive and unsuitabled to my speakers.

Thus I found the one on the picture below. Normally this one is made for smaller speaker than mine so I reproduced it on autoCAD and I put on the scale of my speakers and decided to build this Maze cabinet.

Step 2: Supplies

Wood :

I bought pine wood on my local hardware shop

Speaker :

I have Focal 165 CA1 speakers @ 60W RMS up to 80 W. The frecency responce is very powerfull and the design on glass fiber and carbon looks sturdy. I really enjoyed them when they were in my car before I’ve changed it.

T.amp + Interface Extension Board :

I’ve chosen the Sure JAB2-50 Class D Audio Amplifier 2 x 50 Watt 4 Ohm with Bluetooth 4.0 APT-X

The supplier describes it like that :

High Sound Quality, Audio DSP Optional, Optimized for Lithium Batteries, Bluetooth Pairing Name Customizable. For Wireless Speaker, Game Machine, Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Jukebox, Recreational Vehicle, Yatch, Consumer Audio Applications, etc

For sure we don’t just offer low power consumption, Sure Electronics provides very high sound quality at the same time. Everything is nothing without a high sound quality. We can get less than ±3dB frequency response at the AUX channel and which is same at the Bluetooth channel if APT-X is enabled. For most Sure Electronics audio amplifiers, we can get about 90dB or more and 0.01% distortion when output 1Watt.

The Interface extension include 2 USB, aux input and on/off swich

T.amp frame :

The frame I use for the electronic comes from an old rooter.

Power supply :

I tried to reuse the old rooter supply but voltage and intensity weren't fine for the amp. The one I use is very big, efficient, and expensive and made for industrial use. I had the chance to salvage one which was destined for trash.

Other stuff :

I bought wood glue, painting, screws and wire on my local hardware shop

Tools :

Table saw, Hole saw, Drill and screws driver, etc...

Step 3: The Box

I cut all the pieces of wood and drill holes for speakers.

To assemble this part I've used screw, wood glue for sealing and expanding foam to make the edge softer.

When all the parts are well cuted the assembly is fast and easy.

I've take advantage of this step to mount the speakers on the purple part and drill 2 holes on the blue part to let the speakers wire out and one more hole for the other wire.

I've drilled severals holes in the right corner of the top part (green) to mount the USB and jack interface

Please, let me know if you want the dwg file.

Step 4: Electronic and USB & Jack Interface

To make the amp box, i've first get all the components of the old rooter out and mount the amp inside.

I've drilled a holes on the top of the rooter frame and mount volume knob and power leds.

then i've connected all components : speakers, power, leds, volume button, USB, jack input and on/off swich interface.

For the power i've reused the old rooter plug on the bottom right of the picture.

The amp is equipped for battery AND mains supply. I'll maybe add a battery later

I've screwed a dyn rail under the top part (green) and mount my power supply on it then I've connected wire.

To hide the USB/aux input interface i've screwed on it an old funy candy box.

Step 5: Sealing

On this step I've sealed all the holes and edge with expanding foam and wood glue then I've closed the box with screws. lot of screws..

Step 6: Finish

On this final step I've sand and painted blow hole in black and Carve "The Maze" on the top of the cabinet .

Bluetooth works perfectly, sound is realy nice and warm ! bass are weak when the sound is low but really impressive when sound increase.

Upgrade : I'm actually studying for a battery supply to use it everywhere !

Thank you very much for reading, my English isn’t perfect but I'm doing my best ;). I hope I gave you some ideas! If you like this intructable and have any suggestions, questions or tips please let me know.

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    1 year ago

    Tips: First don't use a car speaker (high Q) in a backwave horn speaker box. Car speakers are intended for infinite baffle loading; no box at all. You would be better served to use that driver in a transmission line where the line tapers smaller as it's length increases. Second, ditch the spray foam and use solid joints with a good wood glue and round the edges on your boards in the labyrinth to limit reflections. Lastly use some damping material like wool or fiberglass in the woofer chamber to remove reflections in the midrange.

    I really like the carving, great job.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you for your advice !

    I used wood glue then foam to break corner. what do you think about it ?

    I'll add wool later

    I take notes of your tips and will use them on a smaller project of portable labyrinth speaker made with better speaker.

    Thanks again !


    Reply 1 year ago

    Hi Jim!
    My bad, indeed I meant "router",
    I correct it soon.Thank you for your feedback.


    1 year ago

    Awesome - I might have to try to build this with a couple of old speakers I have and have been wondering what to do with. Thanks for a great idea.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you so much ! I'm so proud if you draw your inspiration from my work.
    Good luck and share some pictures of your project when you'll have finished !