Bicycle Rear End Camera Mount.


Introduction: Bicycle Rear End Camera Mount.

The arm of a HDD was used as a "mechanical finger" to remotely operate a camera (didn't want to use electronics) .
The "mechanical finger" is operated with the gear shifter mounted on the handle bars. The set-up needs some "cosmetic" modifications.



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    that is awesome man, what do you push on the bike to take a picture?
    I like that you did it in a very neat way, congrats

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    I use an old gear shifter that I have mounted on the handle bars in the curved section, close to the brakes so I can operate it with my thumb and still reach my brakes at the same time. Does this make sense to you?

    I'll post the Instructable as soon as I'm satisfied with the final set-up.
    Meanwhile, you can use the "Rear pocket camera mount" (somehow I can't add the link over here).