The Mechanics GLOVELIGHT!

Introduction: The Mechanics GLOVELIGHT!

my AC on my truck was only working on high... to replace the chip that burnt out that causes this(in a dodge dakota at least) is under the dash...

only problem is its REALLY dark under there and ... well.. im a big person there is not much room for a flashlight so i had to hold it in my mouth and that is VERY annoying!

so i had this idea and just as it happens this contest popped up! perfect timing if i say so my self!

so here it is... my glovelight

as you can see it has three lights when this was 1st made it only had two lights.. but i also use it when i drop stuff ... like in the engine area under the hood and wires are blocking the light... the one on the finger tip comes in handy

this was my 1st try at this... there will be revisions soon.

Step 1: What You Will Need

soldering gun
hot glue
hot glue gun
battery(battery holder is nice but not really needed i guess)

everything is from my local radio shack

three LEDS
(4 pin high bright White leds  they were like 2.50 each)

a switch
(slide switch 0.3A 6VDC about 2 bucks)

Battery Holder
(CR2032 2 bucks)

(i got a 3 pack,CR2032 11 bucks)

solid 22 gauge wire
standard wire should also work.. i just figured the solid would mold better? its up to you

solder.. small .5 is what i used

Step 2: Marking the Spot and Making Holes

1st thing your going to want to do is put on the glove and see where you will want to put your LEDs

i have not run in to any problems with the placements i have mine in

go and mark the glove

now find something you have that will allow you to puncture the glove ... make sure its about the same size as the led legs...
the little legs get wider on the bottom to help gram on to the glove.

i used one of the dentist tools. worked perfect!

Step 3:

if you plan on putting a led on the finger tip i suggest starting there then working your way down
make sure to hold the led tight in place while turning the glove inside out... but not so tight you damage the legs!
while holding it turn the glove inside out... solder on the wires then use the hot glue to glue to cover the legs so you dont have anyhting poking you while you have the glove on.
make sure you leave enough wire.. you will be cutting it down later to attach to the next led.

do the same for the next two leds... or you can try doing all three at once like i did... but it was a struggle!

you do not want to hot glue these ones yet incase something goes wrong and you get a bad connection.
the only reason i say to hot glue the one on the finger tip is because its annoying to pull that in and out each time..

attach the wires to them in the correct places
if you use the same leds as me... it connects like this
(sorry for the crappy drawing!)

Step 4: Puttin on the Switch

when i installed the switch... i was able to push it through mostly.. but i used the same dentist tool to poke through form the back side as i put slight pressure on the switch downward..
i used the soldering gun to melt some of the elastic once i got the switch through to let the legs of the switch push out a little more.
(once again sorry for the crappy drawing)

Step 5: The Battery

the battery i just was able to push straight through the glove... so i put some hot glue under it and pushed it on till it held then i glued around the sides.

solder on the wires and then test to make sure they all go on and off!

if it works then good job! now take the hot glue and glue over all the connections so you dont get poked in the hand while the glove is on... dont go to crazy with the glue.. just enough so the legs dont poke you

i didnt do this... but it was a suggestion by a friend.. to stitch some fabric over the wires for extra comfort

Step 6: The End

make sure you dont go to crazy with the glue because it might make the glove fit weird on your hand and be uncomfortable  when you have it on. also like i said before its best if you solder it all then once you make sure all of it is working correctly THENN hot glue it all down.

the picture does not do this justice how much light it really gives off...

WOO!! thanks for checking out my SECOND! instructable!

heres a small video of the glove in action!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea for a product, but it already exists, and it was patented in 2005. Maybe you guys could get in contact with them to try and help them inprove their model so you don't get into trouble with IP.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    You could try to get a velcro battery pack that fits around your wrist for longer light times.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thats a good idea..but i think that bigger battery might get in the way when you have to reach under the couch/behind the bed for something dropped where you only have a few inches however... maybe if the wires were longer the battery could go higher up around the arm? and the switch was on the battery pack then you would not have to worry about hitting the switch when arm is under there humm yeah ill take this into consideration for revision 2 thanks!