The Medieval Drawbridge

Introduction: The Medieval Drawbridge

Enjoy this simple project of a drawbridge that I made. I was inspired from the typical bridges that were used in medieval times, thanks to these the enemies could not follow you if the bridge was lifted up.

To make this model I used a rigid 3mm cardboard sheet.

Follow my brief tutorial and enjoy the final result!

Edoardo Santinoli

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Step 1: Lasercut Drawing

First I drew all of the pieces on Cad and saved them as a DXF file.

Then I got my file into the Lasercut machine which drew the same on the 3mm cardboard sheet.

This is how the pieces looked like!

Step 2: Dividing Pieces + Other Material Needed

Next I divided the pieces and got the other material needed to get it working;

- A small wooden stick with a 8mm diameter.

- Glue

- Litte string


Step 3: Assembling All Parts

This model has got different parts that have to be glued and others that don't, so that they can move and get it working.

These images show the work in progress!

Step 4: How It Works!

How it works!

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    5 years ago

    I can't open the .dxf file, can you email it to me.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is very cute! I wish there was a brief video showing it in action