The Melon Helm(The Angry Gardener's Helm)

In this instructable I will show you how to make your common household watermelon into a hardy, tough helmet that can protect you from paintballs, punches, and the vegetarian undead. This is, by far, the simplest( and most awesome) project I have ever done so far, and should be easy for even a child to do( it is somewhat similar to carving a pumpkin)
For this project you will only need a kitchen knife, a tape measure, and a store-bought watermelon(and common sense. Please, children, perform this with adult supervision)

Step 1: Chop Down the Middle

In this step, the title pretty much says it. Chop the melon down the middle, with one side roughly the same height as the distance between your eyes and the top of your head. Leave the other side.
Also make sure the cut is symmetrical, and cut away any excess melon.

Step 2: Hollow Shell

Take out all the watermelon fruit with a knife, being careful not to puncture the shell. Leave none inside the shell. Go over the rest of the inside with a spoon to make sure that your head isn't wet when you put it on.

Step 3: Drying Out

Leave the shell to dry overnight in a warm bug free environment. This step is not necessary, but will get rid of any excess water still in the helmet.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Using a marker, draw some eye slits on the shell by putting it on. They can be either open, like I've done, or surrounded. I left the middle part in as a sort of nose bridge.
Note that these steps don't have to be followed exactly. There are multiple ways to finish this project, so feel free to experiment.
Your angry gardener's helm is done.

If you enjoyed this instructable, I would appreciate it if you favorited it, and checked out my other instructables. Leave a comment if you have a way to make this more AWESOME, and enjoy your new biodegradable melon helm.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    i have seen this a lot its a thing the sakatchewan roughrider fans do for the green and whit team


    4 years ago on Introduction


    Very nice. I've seen head wear made plenty of times with a pumpkin, but never a watermelon!