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Need a notebook? Don't want to wait for an official instructables notebook? Then make this micro pocket book! Never forget an idea for an instructable on the go again!

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Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need:
1 sheet of A4 paper
A partly used pencil
Duct tape
A pen (for decorating)
A stapler

Step 2: Fold, Fold, Fold...

Fold the paper in half four times across the short side to make the notebook.

Step 3: Cut, Tape, Staple

Cut-trim the paper on all sides. Then staple the long side that's folded, and tape over it.

Step 4: Pencil Pocket

Make two pieces of tape, one larger than the other. Stick the sticky ends together to make a pocket. Wrap it around the pencil, then stick the sticky ends to the notebook, like so.

Step 5: Decorating

Decorate your notebook. I drew a black and white robot on mine :)

Step 6: All Done!

Wow, that was easy! Thanks for reading! If you liked this instructable please vote it in the pocket -sized contest, thanks!

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