The Mighty Mug!

Introduction: The Mighty Mug!

I am a midnight snacker who tends to go downstairs and visit the fridge at 12:30 in the morning to satisfy my cravings while I am doing homework or studying. Stuffing my entire face with a cookie, chips, or a brownie only takes a matter of seconds, but the process of carrying all of my snacks and drink back upstairs is a struggle that wastes my time and effort. My two hands can only carry so much as I walk up the stairs in the dark. So I decided to create The Mighty Mug! The Mighty Mug includes a built-in shelf that allows you to hold your cookies, Oreos, or other midnight snacks you usually prefer to eat, and an attached Oreo scooper that allows you to dunk your Oreos into your milk without getting your fingers dirty or accidentally dropping your Oreo into your mug. Best of luck to all those who take on this endeavor of making their own Mighty Mug!

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Step 1: Materials

  • Mug
  • Plastic cup
  • Plastic plate
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Plastic Straw
  • Oreos and Milk

Step 2: Tracing and Drawing Out the Oreo Hook

This first step consists of three shorter individual steps that are required to make the Oreo hook we will use to dunk our Oreos into milk.

1. You take a fresh new Oreo and you split it, leaving the side with the cream filling in your mouth and the bare Oreo side as a template for the hook you are about to draw out with your pen.

2. Trace the shape of the Oreo using the bare side you did not eat onto the plastic plate. Using the ruler as a straight edge, draw out the handle of the Oreo hook. Using the circular shape you traced out, draw the head of the hook.

3. Cut out your Oreo hook with scissors.

Step 3: Making a Second Hook

Using the first hook you just cut out, trace its shape onto the plastic plate and cut it out with scissors once the tracing is complete. The reason why it's important to make two Oreo hooks is that you want to make sure the Oreo hook is sturdy enough to carry the Oreo as you dunk it in your mug of milk. Tape the two hooks together.

Step 4: Creating the Bottom Base for the Cookie Shelf

Use your scissors to cut your plastic cup in a straight line. Stop cutting at 5 cm above the bottom of the cup, and cut the rest of the cup horizontally so that all that is left of the cup is its bottom and at least 5 cm in terms of the height of the plastic cup. Leave the remaining scraps to the side for later use.

Step 5: Finishing Up the Rest of the Shelf

Take the remainder of the plastic cup you cut up, and start cutting off the top horizontally so that only 6 cm of the plastic cup remains. This piece should be the middle part of the cup if we are ranking all of the pieces that were cut so far.

Step 6: Attaching the Shelf

Wrap that middle piece around the bottom edge of your mug and start taping the inside of the plastic piece to the bottom of the mug.

Step 7: Cutting Out a Window for Your Cookie Shelf

Use scissors to cut out a window or slot to put your cookies in for your cookie shelf. The window should be about 3 cm high and 7 cm wide.

Step 8: Attaching the Bottom Base to the Shelf

Use multiple pieces of tape to connect the bottom base you created from step 4 to the top part of the shelf that is already attached to the mug. Make sure the slot/window you cut out from the previous step is still there, with the slot being about 1.5 cm high.

Step 9: Creating a Bigger Window/Slot

Use your scissors to cut out a bigger window and slot for your cookie shelf. This time, you will be cutting the bottom base and align the windows from the bottom base to the top part of the shelf that already has a window. You will be cutting 3 cm in terms of length and 7 cm in terms of width for the bottom shelf.

Step 10: Straws for Stability

Cut two 5-cm pieces from a plastic straw out. Tape each 5-cm piece to the inside of the windows from your cookie shelf near the left and right side edges. Make sure the straws are touching the bottom of the base. This is to provide stability for your cookie shelf when you allow it to stand on its own with a ceramic mug on top.

Step 11:

Take the top piece of the original plastic cup and cut out a small square that is about 3 cm on all sides. Tape the edges of this square piece to the side of your cookie shelf, excluding the top edge. This is a pocket that holds your Oreo hook/dunker. Slip the Oreo hook you made earlier into the pocket.


Place Oreos into your cookie shelf! Pour yourself some milk into your mug, and scoop some Oreos with your Oreo hook/dunker! Now, you can definitely satisfy your midnight cravings without having to worry how you're going to bring all of the food back to your room with your two hands! Bone Apple Tea (Bon Appetit)!

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