The Minebox

Introduction: The Minebox

The minebox is an usb system for your Minecraft backups and mods!
You will need:
-An usb stick
-some minecraft pictures

Step 1: Get Your Usb Ready!

plug in your usb stick, and make 2 folders, one called Mods and the other called Saves (or backups)

Step 2: Design, Make the Minebox Look Better!

Download (it's the minecraft logo)
Then go to your usb stick, open notepad, paste this:

Then save as, name it "autorun.inf" under it, select all files,
Put the icon you downloaded in the same location as the autorun.inf,
replug your usb stick, now it should have the icon, if not, try again, or post a comment...

Step 3: (Optional) Design It Phisicaly!

now, you can make it look nicer with some printed minecraft pictures!
My printed is damaged, so I didn't design it ... sorry!
This was my first instructables :) Thank you for reading!

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